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AI Fluency Is The CMO’s Next Big Superpower

Mike Proulx June 3, 2024


TikTok Users Are Split About TikTok Notes

Mike Proulx April 18, 2024
As TikTok begins to roll out TikTok Notes, it faces more headwinds than tailwinds as it tries to take on Meta's Instagram. Get a detailed analysis in this post.

Florida’s New Law Restricting Social Media Use Will Be Tough To Enforce

Mike Proulx March 26, 2024
Florida's social media HB3 bill (that restricts teen's social media use) was just signed into law. What happens now?

Banning TikTok Creates A Meta Monopoly

Mike Proulx March 13, 2024
Despite increased anti-trust Congressional measures, a ban on TikTok will hand a monopoly to Meta’s Reels.

Disney, Fox, And Warner Streaming Sports Venture Is Messy But Necessary

Mike Proulx February 7, 2024
On the heels of Netflix’s WWE live sports announcement, there’s more surprising sports streaming news: 14 “television” channels that air sports across Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros. properties will be bundled as a new streaming service to launch this fall. Details are forthcoming “at a later date,” but we know that all three media companies […]

About-Face: Netflix Embraces Live Sports With WWE Deal

Mike Proulx January 23, 2024
As it did with advertising, Netflix flip flopped on live sports. The WWE + Netflix partnership is a big deal that will drive ad revenue.

Musk’s Message Marks X’s Official Breakup With Big Brands

Mike Proulx November 30, 2023
It’s not every day that a prominent business owner tells its revenue suppliers to “go f— [themselves],” but that’s exactly what Elon Musk said to X advertisers yesterday during The New York Times’ DealBook Summit — not once but three times (the latter instance using the acronym “GFY”). This came just shortly after Musk apologized […]

In 2024, B2C CMOs Want The Most Help With These Five Areas

Mike Proulx November 28, 2023
Learn what our recent survey of marketing heads revealed.

Humane’s Ai Pin Will Inspire The Very Device It Seeks To Replace

Mike Proulx November 14, 2023
Can a lapel pin replace the smartphone? If Humane (a startup by former Apple execs) has its way, its much-buzzed-about “Ai Pin” will make screens (and more) a thing of the past. But to get people’s heads back up and out of their devices means changing the paradigm of how we learned to interact with […]

Déjà Vu: Four Ways That Streaming Is Becoming “Traditional TV”

Mike Proulx November 9, 2023
Finally, the Hollywood actors’ strike is over. If the SAG-AFTRA national board approves the tentative agreement tomorrow, members will receive (among other benefits) a “streaming participation bonus” for go-forward projects. The holistic deal has been described as “extraordinary” for actors and, in part, is a step toward reconciling compensation models appropriate for the inevitable all-streaming […]

TikTok Usage Plateaus Among US Gen Z Teens

Mike Proulx November 2, 2023
The results of Forrester’s Youth Survey, 2023, are in. This annual survey examines consumer and online behaviors of US teens 12–17 years old. Weekly TikTok Usage Peaked In 2022 Yet Placed First With US Teens In 2023 Two years ago, we reported that weekly usage of TikTok had surpassed Instagram among US teens — with […]

Predictions 2024: CMOs Prioritize Practicality Over Purpose

Mike Proulx October 25, 2023


Netflix’s Planned Price Hike Makes One Thing Clear: Ads Are All The Rage, Again

Mike Proulx October 16, 2023


AI Pushes The Metaverse Into The Horizon At Meta Connect 2023

Mike Proulx September 27, 2023
AI took center stage at Meta Connect 2023, while "the metaverse" remained chill. In its place, mixed reality is now the focus.

For Most Twitter Users, “X” Won’t Mark The Spot

Mike Proulx July 24, 2023
Twitter's name change marks the beginning of the end for the app that once defined the microblogging space.

Half Of Generative AI Users Are Indiscriminate About Data Use

Mike Proulx July 12, 2023
Despite the risks, over half of US online adults who have used generative AI said they are “fine” with using ChatGPT to analyze data from their company, while 45% have no issues with prompting ChatGPT using their personal information.

Interoperability Will Be Key To Meta’s Threads Success

Mike Proulx July 5, 2023
Though Meta's "Threads" shows promise at its initial launch, it's met with an already crowded Twitter-alternative market.

Q2 2023: These Five Priorities Are Most Critical To B2C CMOs

Mike Proulx June 2, 2023
We asked US-based B2C CMOs what's top of mind for the back half of 2023. Here's what we learned.

CEOs And CMOs Are Misaligned On Customer Needs

Mike Proulx May 8, 2023


Yes, Pickleball Is Growing Fast, And Brands Want In

Mike Proulx May 3, 2023
Pickleball continues to spread into the US mainstream. Last month, the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) announced a deal with CBS to broadcast over 30 hours of its 2023 season across the network’s properties. The sport’s growth trajectory remains unwavering: According to Forrester’s April 2023 Consumer Pulse Survey, 13% of US online adults currently play pickleball […]
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