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Europe Leads The Way In Re-Empowering The Consumer In The Digital Era

Paul McKay July 14, 2022
The EU has overhauled the legislative environment for digital services in Europe. Learn what this means for tech and marketing.

Gaia-X And The Sovereign Cloud: From Unicorns And Rainbows To Storm Clouds

Paul McKay May 25, 2022
Gaia-X launched to great fanfare in 2019 as a joint initiative of the German and French governments to reclaim data sovereignty from non-European public cloud providers. Despite hefty promises, production-ready services have not been delivered to the market, with customers continuing to wait like poor Godot. While the hype around Gaia-X has fizzled out, the […]

So aktualisieren Sie Ihr Risikomanagement angesichts des Krieges in der Ukraine

Alla Valente 30 März 2022
Führende Risikomanagementunternehmen in Europa und weltweit sind bereits vom Krieg in der Ukraine und den gegen russische und weißrussische Akteure verhängten Sanktionen betroffen. Forrester-Analysten geben in diesem Beitrag ihre Einschätzung.

Neem de volgende stappen om u goed voor te bereiden op het cyberveiligheidseffect van de oorlog in Oekraïne

Paul McKay March 29, 2022
Neem de volgende stappen om u goed voor te bereiden op het cyberveiligheidseffect van de oorlog in Oekraïne

Mit diesen Schritten können Sie sich auf die Auswirkungen des Krieges in der Ukraine auf die Cybersicherheit vorbereiten und entsprechend handeln

Paul McKay 29 März 2022
11 Schritte, die Sie jetzt tun können, um Ihre Risiken und die Gefährdung durch Cyber-Bedrohungen im Zusammenhang mit dem Krieg zu verringern.

Comment Mettre À Jour Votre Stratégie De Gestion Des Risques Face À La Guerre En Ukraine

Alla Valente 28 Mars 2022
Les leaders de la gestion des risques en Europe et dans le monde sont déjà impactés par la guerre en Ukraine et les sanctions imposées aux acteurs russes et biélorusses. Les analystes de Forrester fournissent leurs conseils dans cet article.

Mesures Pour Vous Préparer Et Gérer Les Effets Sur La Cybersécurité De La Guerre En Ukraine

Paul McKay 28 Mars 2022
Onze choses que vous pouvez faire maintenant pour réduire vos risques et votre exposition aux cybermenaces liées à la guerre.

European MSS Firms Are Letting Down Their Customers By Providing More “Pew-Pew Maps” And Noise Rather Than Remediation Support

Paul McKay March 28, 2022
We’ve all been on a site visit to a managed security services (MSS) provider’s security operations center (SOC), where your prospective MSS provider shows you yet another set of screens with big “pew-pew maps” with little dots and lines going haywire where it has seen cyberattacks. These maps are about as useful as an NFT: […]

Here’s How To Update Your Risk Management Posture Given The War In Ukraine

Alla Valente February 28, 2022
Risk management leaders in Europe and worldwide are already being impacted by the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russian and Belarusian actors. Forrester analysts provide their guidance in this post.

Take These Steps To Prepare For And Handle The Cybersecurity Effects Of The War In Ukraine

Paul McKay February 28, 2022
Eleven things you can do now to reduce your risks and exposure to the cyber threats related to the war.

The Emerging Cyber Risk Quantification Market: When CISOs Need Decisions, Not More Dashboards

Paul McKay January 31, 2022
Ask any CISO to articulate the ROI of their firm’s cybersecurity investment — or, worse yet — to defend an increase to the security budget, and you’re likely to get anything from a threat heat map to a 5×5 grid to a list of the latest threats with a flowchart of how the firm is […]

European Security Leaders Must Invest In AppSec To Catch Up With Their Peers Across The Globe

Sandy Carielli August 31, 2021
Like the rest of the world, European firms have been forced to pivot to digital experiences in the last year, even, as in the case of Italian luxury goods businesses, when digital went against long-standing cultural norms. As their firms pivot, European security leaders would do well to remember that vulnerable web applications are a […]

European Organizations Struggle To Attain Diversity In Their CISO Leadership Roles

Paul McKay August 26, 2021
Written with Zaklina Ber, senior research associate, Forrester Forrester analyzed the career backgrounds of 168 chief information security officers (CISOs) with public profiles who are working for major organizations in Europe with listings in the highest stock market indexes in the UK (FTSE 100), France (CAC 40), Germany (DAX 30), Italy (FTSE MIB), Spain (IBEX […]

COVID-19 Drives Delivery Model Transformation And A Sustainability Revolution In The Security Consulting Space

Paul McKay July 1, 2021
“The Forrester Wave™: European Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q3 2021,” launched today. Fifteen firms are featured in this report, representing a cross section of large international security consulting providers and more regionally based security pure plays. The European security consultancy market has seen a large transformation in the past 16 months in how it delivers value […]

2021 Brings New Security Challenges And Regulations For European CISOs

Paul McKay March 31, 2021
Learn three key shifts European CISOs are making to address the COVID-19 pandemic and new regulations.

Announcing The Forrester New Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Platforms, Q1 2021

Paul McKay February 25, 2021
The cybersecurity risk ratings (CSR) market is a bit like Marmite or SPAM (the pork product in a can, not the unwelcome emails) — some customers love it, others hate it. We see examples of both extremes in our customer interactions, interviews, and research on this market. Our responsibility as analysts is to highlight where […]

New Research Announcement — Now Tech: European Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q1 2021

Paul McKay February 22, 2021
I just launched a Now Tech that lists out the major firms participating in the European cybersecurity consulting market, which has undergone a radical transformation in the last 12 months. Forrester Analytics Business Technographics® Security Survey, 2020, shows that clients have increased their use of consultants by 4% since 2019. They need skilled people to […]

GAIA-X Must Be More Than Just Another European Infrastructure Provider, Or It Will Deliver No Value

Paul McKay November 12, 2020
Today Paul Miller, Tracy Woo, and I released our report that examines the market impact of the GAIA-X project. France and Germany announced an initiative in 2019, which was formalized as the GAIA-X Foundation in early October 2020. For our report, we spoke with several of the GAIA-X founders and studied its potential impact for […]

My Reflections From The 2020 European MSSP Forrester Wave™

Paul McKay August 5, 2020
My first refresh of the Forrester Wave™ evaluation on European managed security services providers (MSSPs) went live this week. In the previous Wave, differentiators in the market included matured escalation processes enabled by automation, remediation, and chat capabilities, as well as the introduction of mobile apps to improve the user experience. In the current Wave, […]

Research Announcement — Now Tech: European Managed Security Services Providers, Q2 2020

Paul McKay May 5, 2020
The first stage of my update of my 2018 evaluative research on the European managed security services provider (MSSP) market published this week. “Now Tech: European Managed Security Services Providers, Q2 2020” covers the vendor landscape for MSSP services and is a precursor to a refreshed Forrester Wave™, which will publish later in the year. […]
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