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MRM Has A Marketing Problem

Steph Liu November 18, 2019
In my four years at Forrester, I’ve crossed paths with a lot of three-letter technologies: CDP, DMP, OTT, ITP, and ETP . . . the list goes on. But MRM, or marketing resource management, has a unique challenge amid this alphabet soup: Marketers rarely call it by its name. Instead, when we speak to marketers, […]
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Meet Your Newest B2C Martech Analyst

Steph Liu September 9, 2019
Do you work with marketing resource management (MRM) or mobile engagement automation (MEA) tools? If yes, I want to hear from you! I’m Steph, the newest member of Forrester’s B2C martech research team. I’ve been at Forrester for four years, first as a research associate and most recently as a researcher on the B2C marketing […]
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