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In 2023, Demand And ABM Leaders Must Stay Focused On Long-Term Success

Steven Casey August 30, 2022
Despite an economic downturn, demand and ABM leaders should resist blanket cuts and instead, prioritize thoughtfully.

Demandbase’s Acquisitions And Solution Expansion Highlight Accelerating ABM And Martech Evolution

Steven Casey May 4, 2021
Demandbase’s recent announcement that it has acquired the data providers InsideView (profiled in the recent “The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q2 2021“) and DemandMatrix (included in our “Now Tech: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q1 2021“) and expanded its solution portfolio is significant news for the company, for account-based marketing (ABM), and for the […]

Navigating Your Way Through The Maze Of B2B Marketing Data Providers

Steven Casey January 13, 2021
We just published a new report on the B2B marketing data providers landscape — Forrester clients can read the “Now Tech: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q1 2021” here — but I also wanted to share a few additional observations that place this point in time within the context of the market’s ongoing evolution. For this […]

Are You Ready For The Convergence Of ABM And Demand Technologies?

Steven Casey January 7, 2021
Since the earliest days of Forrester’s coverage of account-based marketing (ABM) in 2016, we made sure to emphasize that while ABM is a strategy and not a technology, it’s also a strategy that has been revitalized and made more scalable by a range of new technology solutions. And while we noted in a New Wave™ […]

It’s Time Chatbots And Virtual Assistants Play A Bigger Role In The B2B Buyer Journey

Steven Casey December 11, 2020
With collective commute times down to zero and face-to-face meetings all but impossible, we’ve seen the B2B buyer journey become an almost exclusively digital experience. It’s time for B2B marketers to close the gaps in their customers’ digital experiences with the assistance of automated conversations created by chatbots and virtual assistants (VAs). These solutions are already popular in B2C and B2B markets, creating experiences that: Meet modern buyers’ expectations of immediacy. Help marketers chase the leads sellers never get to (or the ones you never get […]

Digitized Journeys, Expanding Options, And Maturing Segments Define Today’s B2B Martech Stack

Steven Casey October 29, 2020
In mapping the current and future state of the B2B marketing ecosystem in our just-published “The Forrester Tech Tide™: B2B Marketing Technologies, Q3 2020” report, we found that: Digitization drives investment. We placed many of the technologies in the invest and maintain quadrants — including chatbots and virtual assistants, customer data platforms (CDPs), marketing event management […]

The Second Forrester New Wave™ On ABM Platform Shows A Maturing Market

Steven Casey June 10, 2020
It’s been two years since we first evaluated the account-based marketing (ABM) platform market — and a LOT has changed. My just-published “The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2020” report shows that at the landscape level, numerous vendors moved out of or into this space. But it’s also true that 10 of the vendors […]

Modern B2B Buyers Expect To Be Treated As Partners, Not Targets

Steven Casey May 4, 2020
To successfully navigate the shifts in B2B buying behaviors, organizations must chart a course based on a more strategic understanding of the relationship between buyers' expectations and specific offerings.

Take A Look Into The Future Of B2B Buying With Us At Summit 2020

Steven Casey March 31, 2020
Explore the factors driving profound changes in buyers' behavior and expectations.

Behavioral Data Is The Key To Success With AI-Powered B2B Marketing

Steven Casey October 28, 2019
B2B marketing’s AI-powered future is closer than you think. In just a few years, AI has progressed from a promising enabling technology found in a few B2B applications to a staple of modern martech. The data that powers this machine-driven marketing — and delivers the experiences today’s B2B buyers expect — comes in many different […]

First Forrester New Wave™ On B2B CDPs Sets The Bar For An Emerging Market

Steven Casey June 17, 2019
Woohoo! We just published “The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q2 2019” report, which profiles the 13 most significant vendors in this market: Arm Treasure Data, BlueVenn, CaliberMind, Celebrus, Dun & Bradstreet, Evergage, FirstHive, Lattice Engines, Leadspace, Lytics, Radius Intelligence, Tealium, and Zylotech. Based on our comprehensive criteria, Forrester’s take is that Lattice […]

Dun & Bradstreet Moves Up The Value Chain With Intent To Acquire Lattice Engines

Steven Casey June 14, 2019
Yesterday, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) announced its intent to acquire Lattice Engines. Both of us have covered these companies from a number of different perspectives, and we agree that the move makes sense for two primary reasons. First, adding advanced analytics and data management capabilities from Lattice accelerates D&B’s evolution into a comprehensive data platform […]

Follow The ABM Road Map To Recruit The Right Channel Partners

Steven Casey May 23, 2019
As the artificial distinction between account-based marketing (ABM) programs and everything else we do in B2B continues to dissolve, more firms are realizing that they can leverage the same account-centric strategies, tactics, and technologies to improve the performance of every aspect of their businesses. That includes partner marketing programs, which face two significant challenges today. […]

ABM: Flash In The Pan Or Here To Stay?

Steven Casey April 22, 2019
At the SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit on May 5–8 in Austin, Texas, I will join two of my new colleagues from SiriusDecisions, Service Director Matt Senatore and Senior Research Director Bob Peterson, in presenting our POV on the future of account-based marketing (ABM). I have to say that, prior to Forrester’s acquisition of Sirius, I was […]

Use Direct Mail To Get The Attention Of Your Digital-First B2B Buyers

Steven Casey March 25, 2019
When was the last time you answered a phone call from a phone number you didn’t recognize or opened an email from an unfamiliar sender? Like, never? Same here. The sad truth about most modern marketing tactics is that they’re too cheap and too easy. When anyone can do it, everyone will — which also […]

DiscoverOrg Shakes Up B2B Data Provider Market With Acquisition Of ZoomInfo

Steven Casey February 5, 2019
B2B marketing data provider DiscoverOrg announced on February 4 that the company is buying ZoomInfo. Our snap analysis is this is a smart move that shakes up the market and bolsters DiscoverOrg’s position in it. ZoomInfo has successfully leveraged its traditional strength as contact data specialist to build out a comprehensive data-as-a-service platform that now […]

First Forrester New Wave™ On ABM Platforms Sets The Bar For A Dynamic And Growing Market

Steven Casey June 1, 2018
Well, that was interesting! We just published our “The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2018” report, which profiles the 14 most significant vendors in this market: 6sense, Demandbase, Engagio, Jabmo (formerly Azalead), Lattice Engines, Madison Logic, MRP, Radius, RollWorks, TechTarget, Terminus, Triblio, True Influence, and ZenIQ. Based on our comprehensive criteria, Forrester’s take is […]

Personality And Empathy Are The Keys To Success With Bots And Virtual Assistants In B2B Marketing And Sales

Steven Casey March 11, 2018
Chatbots and virtual assistants (VAs) may be built on artificial intelligence and create customer experiences through digital personas, but the success you realize from them will depend in large part on your ability to account for the real and human aspects of their deployment, intra-organizational impact, and customer orientation. Start by treating your bots and […]

It’s Time B2B Marketing Hits The Restart On Social Media

Steven Casey October 2, 2017
After a promising start a decade ago, social media has long been stuck in a rut of diminished expectations and attention. Social was originally expected to function as the omnipresent lens through which companies could understand and engage their buyers. But, instead — during an age of increasingly revenue-obsessed marketers – social media became regarded as […]

VR and AR Offer Innovative Solutions For Real B2B Marketing Problems

Steven Casey September 20, 2017
If you’ve ever encountered virtual or augmented reality in the business world it was likely at an event or tradeshow where a company had an AR/VR demo at their booth to draw in “traffic.” While this is certainly a valid marketing use case, it’s not all this technology has to offer B2B marketers. Although related, […]
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