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By 2027, US Online Retail Spending Will Reach $1.6 Trillion

Jitender Miglani August 2, 2022
Forrester’s 2022 Online Retail Forecast, US, provides insights about US total retail sales, online retail sales, and the online retail penetration forecast for 30 product categories for the next five years.

Prime Day 2022: How 115 Retailers And Brands Competed With Amazon This Year

Nicole Murgia July 14, 2022
Many retailers and brands piggybacked on Amazon's big event this year. Learn what our analysis of this retailer activity revealed.

Is Inflation Driving US Retail Sales Growth?

Jitender Miglani March 31, 2022
As retail industry analysts, the key question for us is whether inflation is already driving US retail sales growth – or is the retail sales growth still volume-driven?

NFTs: Fun Stocking Stuffers Or A Lump Of Coal?

Sucharita Kodali March 3, 2022
What are NFTs, really? What’s in it for brands? What are the key challenges? Here's a quick recap of our recent webinar on NFTs.

If E-Commerce Keeps Growing, What Happens To Malls And Stores?

Sucharita Kodali February 8, 2022
We recently discussed the future look of shopping centers and malls with one of the largest players in the commercial real estate world. Here are the major changes we expect to see.

Takeaways From Our Latest US Online Grocery Market Review

Sucharita Kodali February 8, 2022
In our most recent online grocery snapshot with IRI, we highlight key changes in online grocery market trends.

A Recap Of Website Promotions On Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2021

Sucharita Kodali December 8, 2021
To get a closer look at what retailers did online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we reviewed 75 retailer and brand home pages, spanning several product categories. Here are the highlights.

Cryptocurrency: Everything Retailers Need To Know

Martha Bennett November 16, 2021
Let's demystify the crypto basics, examine the pros and cons, and share our take on whether retailers should accept cryptocurrencies.

Forrester’s Digital Go-To-Market Review: The World’s Most Future-Proofed Brands

Sucharita Kodali November 12, 2021
To help brand manufacturers take control, Forrester’s Digital Go-To-Market Review series assesses a set of brands in a specific category to see how well they are positioned to thrive independently. In this review, we analyzed our reviews of 177 retail brands.

Retailers: Stop The Bots From Further Wreaking Havoc With Your Supply Chain

Sandy Carielli November 8, 2021
Retailers, the time is now to manage supply chain risks, raise bot defenses, and prioritize customers this holiday season.

Predictions 2022: Retailers Will Compete On “Pre-Loved,” Returns — And New Partners

Sucharita Kodali October 27, 2021
The biggest retail trends of 2022 will involving tapping into the circular economy and using returns to retain customers. Learn more.

Forrester’s Digital Go-To-Market Review: Kid, Baby, And Toy

Sucharita Kodali October 13, 2021
As part of Forrester’s Digital Go-To-Market Review series, we recently evaluated 27 kid, baby, and toy brands on five elements: direct-to-consumer strength, brand visibility online, distribution and e-control, organic consumer enthusiasm, and product innovation.

Forrester’s Digital Go-To-Market Review: Apparel And Shoe Brands

Sucharita Kodali June 25, 2021
Forrester’s latest Digital Go-To-Market Review evaluates 27 brands in the apparel and footwear sector to see how well they are positioned to thrive independently. Read on to see how these brands fared across direct-to-consumer strength, brand visibility online, distribution and e-control, organic consumer enthusiasm, and product innovation.

Prime Day 2021: How Much Competition Was There?

Sucharita Kodali June 24, 2021
To get a closer look at what other retailers did during Prime Day, we reviewed 48 retailers’ home pages, spanning numerous categories. Here's what we found.

Forrester’s US Retail Recovery Heat Map, June 2021 — Expected Income Loss Still High In Some Metros

Sucharita Kodali June 23, 2021
Retail recovery is proceeding at different rates in various parts of the US. See how our US retail recovery heat map reflects factors such as economic sentiment, change in COVID-19 cases, vaccine rates, and retail foot traffic.

The Results Of The 2021 Global State Of Brand Manufacturers Survey

Sucharita Kodali June 22, 2021
In Q1 2021, we surveyed 140 brand manufacturer decision makers who are familiar with their company’s approach to digital sales. Brand manufacturers can use the results of Forrester’s Digital State of Brand Manufacturers Study to benchmark their performance and internally make the case for investments in digital sales strategies.

Use The Forrester Tech Tide™ To Evaluate Your Retail AI Investment Strategy

Sucharita Kodali June 1, 2021
Artificial intelligence and analytics are increasingly critical to retailers’ ability to win, serve, and retain their customers. But the landscape of technologies is vast and advancing rapidly, so it can be hard to understand which technologies are overhyped and which have real business value. Retail execs read about initiatives such as Amazon Go and Walmart […]

Forrester’s US Retail Recovery Heat Map, May 2021 — Strides Toward Normalcy

Sucharita Kodali May 18, 2021
In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that, between January 8 (the highest peak in the US) and May 12, the seven-day moving average of new cases decreased 85.8%. Vaccination rates are steadily increasing, and the CDC has relaxed mask guidance for vaccinated individuals. The US is finally entering a […]

It’s Time For E-Commerce And Security Pros To Collaborate To Combat Bot Fraud

Sandy Carielli May 6, 2021
Bots are bigger than the security team. Conversations with security professionals concerned about bots often start with credential stuffing attacks, but the bot landscape is much broader and can directly impact your top line. Even the defenses have business impacts: A bot management solution that slows down traffic on the biggest shopping day of the […]

Forrester’s US Retail Recovery Heat Map, April 2021 — One Year Later

Sucharita Kodali April 27, 2021
It has been one year since we began estimating how the retail economies of 30 major US metropolitan areas were recovering from COVID-19. By aggregating numerous metrics (across retail sales, local economic indicators, and virus spread), our model predicts that these metropolitan areas will face differing levels of COVID-19 disruption. A lot has changed in […]
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