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Best Practices To Maximize The Value You Get From Partners

Ted Schadler 5 days ago
Your ability to get the most from technology and services partners is a core competency for success in today’s ecosystem-driven businesses. We’ve been highlighting the strategies and execution to achieve this over the years. We call it co-innovation — working with partners to co-create solutions that drive your business forward. To illustrate the benefits, we mined the submissions for the 2022 Technology Strategy Impact Awards and identified four best practices for getting the most value from partners.

What Makes A Future Fit Technology Strategy?

Frederic Giron May 12, 2023
Learn the best practices for how you can build a future fit technology strategy in each of platforms, practices, partners, and people.

What’s Driving The $2 Trillion Technology Services Market?

Ted Schadler May 11, 2023
Learn the answer — and what’s driving the tremendous growth.

This Year Is Challenging — Use A Future Fit Technology Strategy To Succeed

Ted Schadler April 5, 2023
Customer-obsessed companies that deploy a future fit tech strategy outperform their competitors two to one. Find out why.

Understand How Professional Services’ Rampant Acquisitions Can Deliver For You

Ted Schadler April 3, 2023
Professional services firms, including management consultancies, technology service providers, the Big Four accounting firms, full-service consultancies, and product engineering firms, have grown far faster than GDP for over a decade. Accenture’s revenue has risen at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2%, EPAM’s by 26.5%, and TCS’s by 9.8%. While much of this growth is […]

A Massive Key To Your Future Success Is Healthy Service Provider Relationships

Ted Schadler January 26, 2023
On average, companies spend 28% of their technology budgets on technology services. Those budgets have increased by 13% over the past four years (and, for custom software, by 20%). And we don’t see this trend slowing. This lively and vibrant sector is both a fast follower of enterprise demand and an instigator, supporter, and sometimes creator […]

Southwest Demonstrates Why Having A True Technology Executive Is Critical

Ted Schadler January 11, 2023
Southwest's recent failure is a call for every CEO to make sure they have a battle-tested and empowered technology leader at the helm.

What Q3 2022 Tech Services Earnings Mean For Technology Executives

Ted Schadler December 16, 2022
Read a few key takeaways from our analysis of the recent earnings announcements of leading public companies providing technology services.

The CIO’s Role In The Growth Agenda: Early Thoughts And A Call To Action

Ted Schadler November 16, 2022
Revenue growth and profit growth are the raison d’être of companies. Even in government agencies and nonprofits, growth is important to efficiently fulfilling and improving the mission. And growth in all circumstances is even more important when economic times are uncertain. We are conducting research into how a traditional IT organization supports its company’s growth […]

EY’s Coming Split Signals The Great Unbundling: What It Means For Enterprise Technology Leaders

Ted Schadler September 15, 2022
EY recently announced plans to split into two parts: one focused on audit and related services and the other focused on business technology consulting. Learn what the development means for business tech leaders.

How To Choose The Right Partner For Your Experience Transformation

Ted Schadler July 11, 2022
Learn the three best practices for choosing and managing the right digital experience service provider from Forrester's recent Wave report on the space.

Time For A Digital Experience Transformation

Ted Schadler June 16, 2022
It’s time for a bigger, bolder approach to digital experiences that marshals the entire value of your company and ecosystems.

Nearshore And Onshore Services Take Priority In 2022 — Here’s Why

Ted Schadler March 25, 2022
Technology execs are keeping their partners close in both working hours and proximity. In our recent survey of 1,550 services decision-makers from North American and European enterprises, we asked how they expect their service provider delivery models — where the staffs are located — to change in 2022. They report increases across the board but […]

What Accenture’s Strong Q2 FY22 Results Mean For Technology Executives

Ted Schadler March 17, 2022
Five ways Accenture's financial performance reflects the technology market overall.

Predictions 2022: Anywhere-Commerce Will Unlock Massive Investments In Technology

Emily Pfeiffer December 1, 2021


Choosing The Right Services Provider Can Make Or Break Your Digital Customer Experience Success

Ted Schadler October 25, 2021
A great digital experience starts with the basics: a strategy for omnichannel engagement; great design; personalized, yet trustworthy, experiences; and, of course, the technology and operations to support it. But to differentiate your company’s digital presence, you will also need to be creative in your approaches and solutions. Partners are key to that effort, particularly […]

Forrester’s 2021 Top Trends And Technologies Point Toward Trust Ecosystems

Brian Hopkins October 20, 2021
This year's top trends and technologies report points out that firms that master trust and ecosystem-based business models will dominate the decade. Find out more in this blog post.

Industry Clouds Accelerate Their Momentum Into 2022

Kate Leggett September 30, 2021
Struggling to use cloud to differentiate your brand? Learn about the rapidly-growing industry cloud market in this blog post.

The Race For Growth Is On

Ted Schadler September 28, 2021
How will your firm grow and succeed when your competitors have access to the same resources? Find out in this sneak preview of our upcoming Technology & Innovation event.

Future Fit Companies Build Success Through Partner Ecosystems

Ted Schadler June 10, 2021
Struggling to achieve breakthrough levels of innovation? VP, Principal Analyst Ted Schadler explains how to maximize creativity through co-innovation with partners.
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