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Consumers, COP28, And The Green Market Revolution

Thomas Husson 3 days ago
With the UN Climate Change Conference, COP28, starting today in Dubai, increased media and activist attention on the implications of climate change is shaping consumers’ perceptions of and attitudes toward environmental sustainability. Forrester Believes That Firms Can No Longer Ignore The Green Market Revolution Massive government spending with the Inflation Reduction Act in the US, […]

Embrace Storymaking To Change Your Sustainability Brand Narrative

Thomas Husson October 20, 2023
In 1994, when he was CEO of Pixar, Steve Jobs said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” Fast-forward almost 30 years later, and storytelling is still incredibly powerful. Marketers and the agencies and influencers that […]

Align Purpose And Value Proposition To Activate Sustainability

Thomas Husson October 19, 2023
Over the past few years, many firms have defined or revisited their purpose — their reason for existence and how they contribute to society and to the planet. The number of B Corps has grown from about 1,000 in 2016 to over 7,000 in 2023. In France alone, more than 1,000 firms, including large corporations […]

A Potential EU Ban On “Climate-Neutral” Terms And Labels Will Force CMOs To Revisit Their Communication

Thomas Husson September 21, 2023
The European Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on new rules to ban misleading advertisements and provide consumers with better product information. Generic Environmental Claims Will Be Banned Specifically, terms such as “environmentally friendly,” “natural,” “biodegradable,” “climate-neutral,” or “eco-” will be banned without proof of recognized excellent environmental performance relevant to the claim. […]

2023 B2C Marketing Challenges And Priorities

Thomas Husson July 12, 2023
In a tough economy, where privacy legislation and technology changes make qualitative consumer data increasingly difficult to access, B2C marketers are struggling to adapt their data strategies for deeper customer understanding and to develop AI capabilities to personalize experiences. Forrester conducted a survey of 906 B2C marketing decision-makers. The results are quite telling. Among the […]

Thoughts From Cannes Lions 2023

Thomas Husson June 29, 2023
Last week, I spent some time at the Cannes Lion 70th International Festival of Creativity. I hadn’t been to the event since back in the days when I was covering mobile advertising for Forrester. It is pretty obvious that over the past 10-plus years, US tech players have progressively dominated the ad industry. After only […]

Toward A Greener Marketing Ecosystem

Thomas Husson June 7, 2023
Over the past 10 years, marketers, agencies, publishers, and adtech vendors have had to deal with complex collective challenges around consumer privacy, misinformation, viewability, fraud, and diversity and inclusion. Over the next 10 years, the $600 billion advertising industry will have to play its part in fighting climate change. A February 2023 IAB Europe report […]

Nike Faces Lawsuit Over Greenwashing Claims. It Won’t Be The Last.

Thomas Husson May 17, 2023
The majority of US marketers fear greenwashing blowback when communicating about their sustainability initiatives. Nike serves as the latest example why.

Beware The Stereotype: Gen Z Isn’t The Most Actively Green Generation

Thomas Husson April 21, 2023
Gen Z’s relationship with environmental sustainability is nuanced, especially in Europe. Learn why as we dispel five common myths about Gen Z and sustainability.

Breaking The Green Market Opportunity Down Into Segments

Thomas Husson January 24, 2023
There is no single green or sustainable consumer. Learn the value of segmenting your customer base by their green purchasing habits.

Prévisions 2023

Thomas Husson 10 Janvier 2023
Retrouvez quelques unes de nos prévisions Forrester pour l'année 2023, expliquées par notre expert analyste, Thomas Husson.

Prognosen 2023: Umwelt & Nachhaltigkeit

Thomas Husson 1 November 2022
Der Klimawandel wird für viele CEOs immer mehr zu einer Top-Priorität. Um Greenwashing zu vermeiden, empfiehlt Forrester, dass CMOs Nachhaltigkeitskommunikation aktiv und integer gestalten.

European Predictions 2023: Environmental Sustainability

Thomas Husson November 1, 2022
Businesses recognise that sustainability is a strategic imperative, and that’s particularly true in Europe. In the year ahead, firms must act with transparency and integrity to avoid financial pitfalls and consumer mistrust.

Prévisions 2023 : Durabilité Environnementale

Thomas Husson 1 Novembre 2022
Découvrez les prévisions de nos experts sur la durabilité environnementale en 2023, entre crise énergétique et de confiance.

The B2C CMO’s Environmental Sustainability Blueprint

Thomas Husson October 18, 2022
Despite the massive opportunity in today’s green market, many B2C CMOs don’t know where to start. Learn the six keys to activating sustainability in your B2C marketing and communications.

SAVE THE DATE – 22 Septembre 2022 : Transformation écologique des entreprises

Thomas Husson September 5, 2022
La transition écologique devient de plus en plus une priorité de transformation des entreprises en Europe, mais beaucoup ont du mal à l’intégrer dans leur stratégie, dans leur modèle économique, et dans leur approche quotidienne. Quelques chiffres témoignent de ces enjeux clefs : 57% des dirigeants d’entreprise que nous avons interrogés en Europe (contre 37% en […]

Europe Leads The Way In Re-Empowering The Consumer In The Digital Era

Paul McKay July 14, 2022
The EU has overhauled the legislative environment for digital services in Europe. Learn what this means for tech and marketing.

Firms Struggle To Embed Sustainability In Customer Journeys

Thomas Husson July 5, 2022
Many CX pros miss the sustainability opportunity. Read examples of companies embedding sustainability at different customer journey stages.

VivaTech 2022: From The Metaverse Hype To Green Tech Solutions

Thomas Husson June 20, 2022
Paris was the center of innovation and technology last week. The 2022 edition of VivaTech in Paris was a great success with more than 90,000 in-person visitors and 300,000 digital connections. It has become the largest technology and innovation event in Europe with CEOs, C-leaders, VCs, and startups attending from all over the world. If […]

Leadership Change, Not Change Management

Thomas Husson May 18, 2022
Whether you refer to digital transformation, customer experience transformation, or sustainable transformation, the most important success factor is often the same, whatever the industry. It is all about the role leaders play in evolving the culture of their organisation. As my colleague Katy Tynan sums it up, this is more about leadership change than about […]
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