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Hardwire CX To Financial Performance In The Financial Services Sector

Tom Mouhsian 6 days ago
Business leaders in the financial services (FS) industry are used to tracking success with measures that reflect shareholder, investor and market regulator values like return on equity, net profit, assets under management and capital adequacy ratio. This is the ‘money story’. However, most don’t always know how these important measures are affected by customer experience (CX) and customer engagement, or the ‘customer story’.
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Banking Is Up For GRAB[s] In Singapore

Tom Mouhsian June 12, 2019
Following in Hong Kong’s footsteps, Singapore’s regulator — the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) — has confirmed that it is currently studying the possibility of issuing digital-only banking licenses to organizations with a nonbank parentage, which was first reported on May 7, 2019 by various news outlets. What makes this news interesting is that it […]
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