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Planes, Fuel, Seats, Bags, Meals, And Airline Profit — But What About CX?

Tom Mouhsian July 18, 2019
How airlines can connect the CX story to the money story.
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Hardwire CX To Financial Performance In The Financial Services Sector

Tom Mouhsian June 19, 2019
As leaders in the FS sector increasingly embrace customer-centric strategies, they will have to credibly connect the customer story to the money story. Otherwise, the legitimacy of often-heard CX slogans and promises can be easily challenged.
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Banking Is Up For GRAB[s] In Singapore

Tom Mouhsian June 12, 2019
Following in Hong Kong’s footsteps, Singapore’s regulator — the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) — has confirmed that it is currently studying the possibility of issuing digital-only banking licenses to organizations with a nonbank parentage, which was first reported on May 7, 2019 by various news outlets. What makes this news interesting is that it […]
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