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On The Eve Of Another COVID-19 Year, Planning Matters More Than Ever 

Jennifer Ross December 16, 2021
Amid lingering uncertainty, it may be tempting to question the value of long-range planning. The post-COVID landscape will look very different from the landscape pre-COVID — and B2B leaders who are unprepared will lose out.   

APAC Marketing Planning For 2022: When “New Normal” Morphs Into “Business As Usual”

Mavis Liew October 18, 2021
Marketing leaders have had an exciting 18 months, if “exciting” is really the accurate word to use. Some would probably argue that “turbulent” is a more accurate description. But as each month rolls into the next, there is no doubt that some semblance of balance and normality is in place today, even if “normal” means […]

Six Trends That Will Define B2B Marketing In 2022

Explore our Planning Assumptions guide for marketing executives and functional leaders and learn how to harness disruptive forces to drive growth.


Moving From A Lead-Centric To A Buying-Group Focus Is Key To Demand And ABM Success

Laura Cross October 7, 2021
As demand and account-based marketing (ABM) leaders look to lay new foundations in 2022, a focus on buying groups and intuitive, highly contextualized experiences will be critical.

B2B Summit APAC Preview: Turn Insight Into Opportunity With The B2B Revenue Waterfall

Steve Silver August 22, 2021
Forrester’s new B2B Revenue Waterfall will help you optimize opportunities and provide better alignment between marketing and sales. Learn more at B2B Summit APAC.

Putting Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall Into Action: Six Tips For Laser-Focused Targeting

Alisa Groocock July 22, 2021
Your product demos, content, and delivery channels won't matter if you're pursuing the wrong targets. Learn how the new Waterfall can help you zero in on the most promising opportunities.

Your Buyer Is A Group, Not A Person. What Are You Doing About It?

Kerry Cunningham July 8, 2021
Nearly all B2B buying decisions are made by groups. So why are so many marketers still oriented toward leads? Learn why, and see how Forrester's B2B Revenue Waterfall can give you better insights and results.

Demandbase’s Acquisitions And Solution Expansion Highlight Accelerating ABM And Martech Evolution

Steven Casey May 4, 2021
Demandbase’s recent announcement that it has acquired the data providers InsideView (profiled in the recent “The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q2 2021“) and DemandMatrix (included in our “Now Tech: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q1 2021“) and expanded its solution portfolio is significant news for the company, for account-based marketing (ABM), and for the […]

Planning Assumptions 2022

Discover the trends that will define B2B leaders' priorities in 2022 and learn what it will take to capitalize on them. Explore our guides, blog posts, podcasts, and more.


Clairvoyance Should Not Be Required For Revenue Planning

Marcia Trask April 15, 2021
Marketing, sales, and customer engagement leaders need a structured, facts-based approach to achieving revenue and growth goals. Learn what that requires.

Toss Those Tea Leaves: Reading Real Signals Of Growth And Retention

Amy Bills April 9, 2021
Teams supporting retention, cross-sell, and upsell are most effective when they focus on the right signals from buyers and customers. At B2B Summit North America, learn more about these signals and how to use them.

On The Seventh Day Of Christmas … We Share The Seven Must-Dos For Buying Groups

Malachi Threadgill December 16, 2020
It’s time for a holiday miracle! In his latest blog post for Forrester, Malachi Threadgill shares advice on how to align sales and marketing with the seven must-dos for B2B buying groups.

Digitized Journeys, Expanding Options, And Maturing Segments Define Today’s B2B Martech Stack

Steven Casey October 29, 2020
In mapping the current and future state of the B2B marketing ecosystem in our just-published “The Forrester Tech Tide™: B2B Marketing Technologies, Q3 2020” report, we found that: Digitization drives investment. We placed many of the technologies in the invest and maintain quadrants — including chatbots and virtual assistants, customer data platforms (CDPs), marketing event management […]

Apply Six Reporting Dimensions to Show More Account-Based Marketing Value

John Arnold September 24, 2020
Does your account-based marketing (ABM) dashboard include these six critical reporting dimensions? Forrester analyst John Arnold shares the key elements of compelling ABM performance stories.

Early Findings From Forrester SiriusDecisions’ Global Audit of Account-Based Marketing

Nicky Briggs September 4, 2020
  • Our recent global study of account-based marketing (ABM) reveals that the sands are shifting, with lines becoming increasingly blurred between ABM deployment types
  • Budgets are rising, partly due to increasing maturity, but ABM leaders are also being asked to cover more accounts
  • ABM leaders must not compromise on core tenets of ABM such as rich account insights, close collaboration with sales, and differentiated treatment

The Second Forrester New Wave™ On ABM Platform Shows A Maturing Market

Steven Casey June 10, 2020
It’s been two years since we first evaluated the account-based marketing (ABM) platform market — and a LOT has changed. My just-published “The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2020” report shows that at the landscape level, numerous vendors moved out of or into this space. But it’s also true that 10 of the vendors […]

Mend The Gap Between B2B Buyers And Sellers With Us At Summit 2020

Mary Shea March 27, 2020
Sales leaders need to move fast to keep up with buyers' evolving expectations. Find strategies to do this at our virtual event this May.

Does ABM Help Produce Better Revenue Results?

Laura Ramos September 15, 2019
Findings from a recent survey of account-based marketers are encouraging. Learn what has been key to ABM success and what concrete gains these marketers are achieving.

Follow The ABM Road Map To Recruit The Right Channel Partners

Steven Casey May 23, 2019
As the artificial distinction between account-based marketing (ABM) programs and everything else we do in B2B continues to dissolve, more firms are realizing that they can leverage the same account-centric strategies, tactics, and technologies to improve the performance of every aspect of their businesses. That includes partner marketing programs, which face two significant challenges today. […]

Winning The New B2B Buyer

The B2B buyer-vendor power dynamic has shifted. Learn what's driving deep change in buyer behavior and how to deliver experiences that build engagement and trust.


ABM: Flash In The Pan Or Here To Stay?

Steven Casey April 22, 2019
At the SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit on May 5–8 in Austin, Texas, I will join two of my new colleagues from SiriusDecisions, Service Director Matt Senatore and Senior Research Director Bob Peterson, in presenting our POV on the future of account-based marketing (ABM). I have to say that, prior to Forrester’s acquisition of Sirius, I was […]

Use Direct Mail To Get The Attention Of Your Digital-First B2B Buyers

Steven Casey March 25, 2019
When was the last time you answered a phone call from a phone number you didn’t recognize or opened an email from an unfamiliar sender? Like, never? Same here. The sad truth about most modern marketing tactics is that they’re too cheap and too easy. When anyone can do it, everyone will — which also […]

The Analytics Opportunity For Marketing And Sales Alignment: An Encore Presentation

Allison Snow February 28, 2019
I’m bringing this topic to the top of your inbox, so to speak, but not (just) because I’m self-promotional. Lack of alignment really does continue to plague B2B sales and marketing organizations. Last year, I began to explore this challenge with analytical methods front and center. My hypothesis: B2B marketers and sales can use a […]
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