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Revenue Waterfall Functionality To Look For When Choosing Revenue Technology

Simon Daniels 2 days ago
Here’s what to consider when evaluating platforms as part of adopting an opportunity-based waterfall.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: When Should We Create The Opportunity Entity?

Terry Flaherty 6 days ago
In this week’s Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog, we identify three common points in the revenue process where organizations can create the opportunity entity.

How Should CMOs Invest To Fuel Customer-Obsessed Growth?

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for B2B Marketing Leaders to see where to invest, divest, and experiment with funding your growth agenda.


Were Our Predictions For 2023 Correct?

Sharyn Leaver September 20, 2023
We made bold calls for 2023. Did they come true? Discover the accuracy of Forrester's Predictions 2023. And get a first peek at what we'll cover in our 2024 predictions.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: How Does The Buyer’s Journey Change In A Buying Group World?

Terry Flaherty September 14, 2023
Learn what changes and what stays the same when you're shifting away from MQLs and toward opportunities and buying groups.

Power Up Your Customer Success And Customer Marketing Partnership

Laura Ramos September 13, 2023
Learn how top-performing customer marketing and customer success teams keep existing customers loyal and profitable.

Revealing The Riches: The Power Of Robust Survey Data In A TEI Study

Adrienne Capaldo September 11, 2023
Surveys can enhance interview findings by validating them for specific use cases, industries, or company sizes. Learn how to amplify the findings in your TEI study and reach more members of the buying group by incorporating robust survey data.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: What’s The Role Of The Opportunity Entity In The Revenue Process?

Amy Hawthorne September 7, 2023
This Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog identifies the role of the opportunity entity and why your team should use it in the revenue process today.

Grow Your B2B Revenue With Customer Obsession

Stop extracting customer value -- and start creating it. Read our report to learn how to sustain B2B success with a customer-obsessed growth engine that creates buyer value and revenue.


Building Bonds With Buyers: Strengthening The Trust Fabric

Subhendu Pattnaik September 4, 2023
In the AI age, reliance on data for insights is table stakes. In the past few months since we completed Forrester’s annual marketing survey, I have been engrossed in finding patterns and correlations in the data about the top-most priorities of CMOs globally and their challenges, growth objectives, key initiatives, technology usage, budgets, spending patterns, […]

2024 Planning: European Leaders Must Avoid An Excess Of Caution And Invest In Bright Spots

Laura Koetzle September 3, 2023
Many of the signals we normally use to plan for the coming year are pointing in ambiguous, counterintuitive, or contradictory directions. But submitting to excessive caution would be a mistake.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: Accounts, Buying Groups, Opportunities, Oh My! How Is It All Connected?

Amy Hawthorne August 31, 2023
In this week’s Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog, we discuss the relationship between accounts, buying groups, and opportunities.

Power Up Your Content With A Plan On A Page

Phyllis Davidson August 29, 2023
A list of characteristics is not a plan! Get yours in order by capturing your consolidated B2B content strategy in a Forrester content plan on a page.

Three Tips To Guide B2B Demand Marketing Leaders’ Plans For 2024

Renee Irion August 24, 2023
Where should demand and ABM teams focus their efforts in the coming year? Explore the highlights from Forrester's planning guide report.

Advance B2B Marketing With Bold 2024 Budget Moves

Join us on Aug. 22 for a LIVE webinar to learn how your peers are shifting their 2024 B2B marketing budgets to drive business growth and revenue in unpredictable times.


Saying Goodbye To MQLs: What’s The Business Impact Of Leaving MQLs?

Terry Flaherty August 24, 2023
This week’s Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog post looks at how leveraging signals to identify buying groups can drive value for your organization.

How To Overcome Revenue Operations Constraints And Boost The Growth Engine

Simon Daniels August 24, 2023
Learn how revenue operations leaders can achieve more with less in the face of executive constraints and still deliver for the growth engine.

Is Your B2B Organization Insights-Driven?

Jerry Zhao August 17, 2023
Few organizations argue with the need to become insights-driven, but they may not fully understand what that requires.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: So We’re On Board With Buying Groups, But What About The Individual?

Amy Hawthorne August 17, 2023
Welcome back to this multipart blog series answering why leads-centric marketing approaches don’t work. In this post, we look at what happens to the individuals if we focus on buying groups.

Adapt Your In-Person B2B Event Strategy Or Lose Audiences

Conrad Mills August 15, 2023
In-person events are an essential part of an integrated event mix, but attendance levels are down when compared to pre-pandemic levels, and macroenvironmental changes over the past three years have changed in-person events forever. 2022 saw a precipitous increase in event costs, with the average cost per attendee around 25% higher compared to 2019. At […]

Brand Investments Are Up But Maybe Not Where You Think

Karen Tran August 14, 2023
Website/digital shows the biggest gains across both programs and headcount, continuing a long-running trend toward a digital-first investment strategy.

Go-To-Market Strategy: Three Steps To Intentional Segmentation And Route-To-Market Decisions

Katie Fabiszak August 11, 2023
A one-size-fits-all go-to-market strategy is nonexistent, but B2B organizations need a methodology in place to support the creation of an audience-focused go-to-market strategy. This blog post dives into the market strategy layer of the Forrester Go-To-Market Architecture, which guides B2B leaders on how to think through the decisions about segmentation and routes to market.

Announcing Forrester’s Embedded Conversation Automation Landscape For B2B Marketing

Jessie Johnson August 11, 2023
Conversational AI, chatbots, and automated marketing are not new to B2B marketing technology stacks. B2B marketing organizations leverage conversation automation solutions to better understand and enable buyers, customers, and internal teams by integrating signal-responsive conversations into existing workflows, tactics, and content experiences that span the full customer lifecycle. Conversation automation is quickly becoming integral to […]
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