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Why Brand And Reputation Programs Should Be More Than Just Air Cover

Karen Tran 3 days ago
There’s more to planning and executing reputation programs than what we typically see at the usual “air cover” level. Learn more about the Forrester Reputation Program Decision Model in this preview of B2B Summit North America.

A New Supergroup For Revenue Technology Emerges: Revenue Orchestration Platforms

Anthony McPartlin April 5, 2024
In the world of revenue technology, three distinct categories have converged to form a new supergroup of revtech capabilities. Learn more about revenue orchestration platforms in this preview of a new report.

Capture & Prove Marketing’s True Value Beyond Sourcing Metrics

Download our measurement toolkit to discover demand performance indicators and metrics to reveal marketing’s real business impact across complex buyer journeys.


Five Ways That Generative AI Brings Superpowers To Portfolio Marketers

Beth Caplow April 5, 2024
Portfolio marketers have a broad role, from keeping up to date on market intelligence and developing go-to-market strategies and messages to launching offerings and training sellers. Learn five ways generative AI can help portfolio marketers automate tasks and increase productivity and creativity.

Google Chrome Settlement Shows The Power Of Privacy-Minded Consumers

Stephanie Liu April 4, 2024
The details of Google’s settlement in a multiyear lawsuit over Incognito mode became public this week. Find out what changes Google will make as a result of the settlement and what it means for marketers everywhere.

Adobe Journey Optimizer – B2B Edition Makes Buying Group Adoption Easier

Vicki Brown April 4, 2024
Adobe has announced the Adobe Journey Optimizer - B2B Edition, which allows B2B marketers to create buying groups and orchestrate journeys for buying groups at scale. This new functionality helps B2B organizations align with sales, target buyer roles more effectively, and measure marketing’s impact on revenue.

Overcome Tall Poppy Syndrome In Operations Leadership

Laura Cross April 4, 2024
Overcome tall poppy syndrome. Inspire team growth, foster a learning mindset, and challenge the status quo. Achieve extraordinary results through practicality, influence, curiosity, and resilience.

What I Learned About GenAI From Over 100 Indian CMOs

Subhendu Pattnaik April 4, 2024
Discussions with 100 CMOs and key marketing leaders in India revealed the massive transformation genAI is already bringing to many marketing organizations across the Indian subcontinent. Read some of their comments in this post.

Announcing Forrester’s B2B Program Of The Year Award Winners For North America

Cristina De Martini April 4, 2024
Get ready to be inspired by these best-practice program implementations across B2B marketing, sales, and product. We reveal which eight companies will be honored at B2B Summit North America in May.

Announcing The Winners Of Forrester’s Coveted B2B Return On Integration Honors For North America

Cristina De Martini April 4, 2024
These three companies have transformed their businesses to maximize customer value and relentlessly drive internal alignment. Get a preview of the success stories they will share at B2B Summit North America in May.

Adobe Developments Signal Changes For B2B Content Workflows

Lisa Gately April 3, 2024
A year after the release of Adobe Firefly, B2B content workflows come into focus, with brand guidelines and broader participation possible in content creation and distribution activities.

Change Is In The Air For B2B Content Strategy

Phyllis Davidson April 2, 2024
Lilacs, daffodils, and other spring flowers are blooming, and the moss between the rocks under the old magnolia tree is verdant and bright green. Similarly, change is in the air for content strategy. I found myself ruminating about content strategy while admiring the flowers in my yard upon my return from Adobe’s annual Summit in […]

Your Time To Shine: B2B Summit EMEA Award Submissions Are Open

Paul Ferron April 2, 2024
EMEA B2B companies: If you have a cross-functional alignment success story or have achieved exceptional results within a single function, we want to hear from you. Learn more about Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA Awards.

Supercharge Your APAC B2B Success — And Save $200

Register by June 28 to save $200 on B2B Summit APAC in Singapore. Access growth, revenue, alignment, sales, genAI, and product strategies to boost your brand success.


Call For Entries: Forrester B2B Summit APAC 2024 Awards

Daryl Wright April 1, 2024
APAC B2B companies: If you have a cross-functional alignment success story or have achieved exceptional results from a single function, we want to hear from you. Learn more about our B2B Summit APAC awards.

These Six Marketing Priorities Are Different In Growing B2B Companies

John Arnold March 28, 2024
B2B companies can learn from the ways in which their growth-experiencing peers prioritize key areas of focus. Get a high-level view of findings from the latest Forrester Global Marketing Survey.

Investing In Customer Success Delivers 107% ROI Within Three Years

Laura Ramos March 27, 2024
Explore the benefits of dedicating a team to customer success management, outfitting them with purpose-built technology, and enabling them to drive consistent experiences that lead to retention and growth.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions For B2B, Q1 2024 — Five Key Takeaways

Jessie Johnson March 27, 2024
We've evaluated the nine most important conversation automation solution vendors. Learn what’s changed since we evaluated the market three years ago

Younger Generations Are Shaking Up B2B Buying — Are You Prepared?

Amy Hayes March 25, 2024
Millennials and Gen Zers now comprise nearly three-quarters of B2B buyers. To succeed, B2B marketing, sales, and product teams must understand these buyers’ preferences.

How Marketers Can Take GenAI From Pilot Projects To Proficiency

What It Means March 21, 2024
As the hype surrounding generative AI yields to pragmatism, how can marketers take their genAI efforts from experimentation to excellence? VP and Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall and Principal Analyst Lisa Gately share advice on this week’s episode of What It Means.

Frontline Marketing: The Evolution Of B2B Growth Teams

John Arnold March 14, 2024
Learn about frontline marketing, the teams that it comprises, and why it’s essential to driving customer-centered B2B growth.

Deepen Your B2B Buyer Engagement In The Era Of GenAI

Join us to discover insights into B2B buyer content preferences and learn how to appropriately leverage generative AI to scale content production, winning over today’s complex buyers.
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