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Forrester Reviews And Scores Indian Mobile Banking Apps: What We Learned

Pushpa Marwal 5 hours ago
India is emerging as a powerhouse in mobile banking adoption. According to Forrester’s Consumer Asia Pacific Survey, 2023, a staggering 87% of online Indian adults expressed their desire to do all their banking on a smartphone. This statistic marks the highest percentage among the countries surveyed in the Asia Pacific region. It also underscores the […]

Payment Processing Is Not Commoditized: Optimization Tactics

Lily Varon September 19, 2023
Forrester’s data shows that, in 2023, more than one in 10 US online adults encountered a technical failure at the point of checkout. And about the same number said their online payments were rejected because their card on file had expired. Despite (many!) other priorities, smooth checkout should top your to-do list. It’s elementary: Failed […]

Build An Engine Of Customer Loyalty - And Revenue

Read our report to learn how to build customer loyalty, brand equity, and revenue with a B2C customer-obsessed growth engine.


The Results Are In: Insights From Forrester’s 2023 Global Digital Process Automation Survey

Craig Le Clair September 15, 2023
Our 2023 digital process automation survey shows orgs paused digital transformation work but increased focus on process intelligence while process optimization has broadened. Learn more.

Five Ways That Retailers Battle Slowing Sales Growth And Tightening Margins

Cindy Liu September 14, 2023
Retail sales growth in the US has been gradually decelerating, and retailers are feeling the squeeze. In our newly published report, 2023 Retail Competition Tracker, US, we examine offline and online sales growth at 65 leading US retailers and take a close look at tactics to improve profitability. We found that over three-quarters of these […]

US Retail And E-Commerce Sales Trends, 2023

Jitender Miglani September 7, 2023
In this blog, we analyze the recent trends in US retail and e-commerce sales and share our key takeaways that brands should know for the rest of 2023.

2024 Planning: European Leaders Must Avoid An Excess Of Caution And Invest In Bright Spots

Laura Koetzle September 3, 2023
Many of the signals we normally use to plan for the coming year are pointing in ambiguous, counterintuitive, or contradictory directions. But submitting to excessive caution would be a mistake.

Building Self-Service Applications That Would Make Michelangelo Proud

Max Ball August 28, 2023
Generative AI is on the cusp of revolutionizing chatbots for customer self-service. Learn about the role conversational AI vendors can play.

When Is The Right Time To Invest In The Cool New Thing?

Paul Miller August 17, 2023
Not every emerging technology succeeds. Read more on how you can cut through the noise to work out when and where to commit your company’s finite resources.

Three Areas Where Apparel And Footwear Brands Can Boost Their DTC Operations

Nicole Murgia August 16, 2023
We reviewed 27 apparel brands’ websites across the attributes that are essential to their long-term success; here’s what we found.

Hyperscalers, It’s Time To FOCUS

Tracy Woo August 10, 2023
In late June, at FinOps X, the annual event hosted by FinOps Foundation, a big topic was the open source project FinOps Open Cost & Usage Specification (FOCUS), which aims to standardize the billing construct and presentation of cloud cost data. This is a BIG DEAL. In doing so, FOCUS will remove the complexity and […]

Generative AI TuringBots Win Again In Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Diego Lo Giudice August 1, 2023
Not only are TuringBots again in Forrester’s The Top 10 Emerging Technologies report, but they are expected to deliver ROI much earlier than predicted. Find out why.

The Super App Window Has Closed

Xiaofeng Wang August 1, 2023
The conditions that propelled super apps like WeChat are no longer in place today. Instead of trying to build a super app, firms should instead invest in creating a robust mobile strategy.

Maximizing Retail Return Strategies Beyond Margin Recovery

Brendan Witcher July 31, 2023
Retail returns, when handled strategically, are an opportunity for retailers to gain a competitive advantage.

Think You Know POS? You Might Be Surprised.

Lauren Cevallos July 31, 2023
Our newly published report, The Point-Of-Service Landscape, Q3 2023, lists the 18 most notable vendors in the space and details the 10 most important use cases that they’re focusing on for clients today. Read this blog for an early look at our findings.

The Web Needs A Way Of Proving That You’re A Real Person — Worldcoin Is Not The Solution

Martha Bennett July 26, 2023
New crypto-focused financial network Worldcoin promises to provide a “new identity and financial network owned by everyone.” But it raises more issues than it solves. Find out why.

Empowering Banks With Digital Cash Management Platforms

Pushpa Marwal July 26, 2023
Businesses across the globe are dealing with a fast-paced digital world, rising customer expectations, and economic uncertainties. In such an environment, it is imperative that they manage their cash flows well to finance their growth ambitions and mitigate financial risks. Corporations source these cash management services from their corporate banking partners. Banks, on the other […]

Why Third-Party Data Isn’t Going Anywhere …

Zeid Khater July 21, 2023
Third-party data is any data your organization uses that you don’t own and didn’t collect — basically, anything you buy or retrieve for free from a data marketplace, data exchange, government agency, or data services company (e.g., Circana, Acxiom, TransUnion, Nielsen). Use of third-party data is nearly universal. The business case for third-party data makes […]

Headed To The “Barbie” Movie? Read This First.

Dipanjan Chatterjee July 19, 2023
The much-anticipated “Barbie” movie releasing on July 21 comes with a bold promise — it’s for those who love Barbie as much as it is for those who hate her. So no matter which camp you’re in, when the lights dim and Margot Robbie appears in a flash of brilliant pink, realize that what you’re […]

Prime Day 2023: How Retailers And Brands Stacked Up Against Amazon

Nicole Murgia July 18, 2023
Retailers and brands were looking to compete with Amazon’s two-day sale this year. Tune in to our key takeaways and analysis for Prime Day.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Is A Bonanza For Brands

Dipanjan Chatterjee July 13, 2023
Soccer's massive reach plus the passion it inspires creates a combination that's tailor-made for marketing.
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