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Announcing The Enterprise Architecture Management Suites Landscape, Q2 2024

Stéphane Vanrechem 15 hours ago
Enterprise Architecture Management Suites Are An Architect’s Ally Enterprise architecture management suites (EAMSes) are fundamental to running a successful architecture practice. EAMS tools are being used to help architecture teams manage architecture risk, reduce cost, and support organizations in proactively managing their technical debt. AI use cases are flourishing in this market, freeing up architects’ […]

Global Retail E-Commerce Sales Will Reach $6.8 Trillion By 2028

Jitender Miglani 4 days ago
Forrester’s Global Retail E-Commerce Forecast, 2024 To 2028 report provides a five-year forecast of online and offline retail sales for 40 countries.

Honor Your Tech Excellence With The Prestige Of A 2024 Forrester Award

We’re accepting nominations for our global 2024 Technology Strategy Impact and Enterprise Architecture Awards. Deadlines are approaching. Check out our award requirements and submit your nomination today.


A Match Made In Plastic? Capital One’s Quest To Acquire Discover

Peter Wannemacher 4 days ago
Capital One’s plan to acquire Discover will change the shape of the financial services landscape (though not the fundamental forces that drive growth and success — but more on that later). To help you understand the implications of the proposed merger, Forrester took a deep dive into our research and data (full report for clients […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024: The Business Case For Accessibility Grows Stronger

Gina Bhawalkar May 15, 2024
In 2023, we saw more firms commit to digital accessibility, with emerging regulations bringing a sense of urgency to the work. Here are a few of the highlights from the past year and advice to help firms mature their digital accessibility efforts in 2024.

More Alliance: MACH Comes Of Age With Coaching Focus

Joe Cicman May 6, 2024
Now that The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Solutions for B2B, Q2 2024, is released, I can share an update of my perspective on the MACH Alliance. Four member companies were in the B2B commerce solutions Wave mix this time around, and more espoused their architectural virtues (some didn’t qualify for MACH membership, and some didn’t qualify […]

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Solutions For B2B, Q2 2024

Joe Cicman May 6, 2024
The B2B commerce solutions market is no longer stuck between choosing either cloud architecture or robust features. Get tips on provider selection in this preview of a new Wave report on B2B commerce solutions.

Results Of The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Solutions For B2C, Q2 2024 — Digital Leaders Focus On Extending The Life Of Their Commerce Solution

Emily Pfeiffer May 6, 2024
Read Principal Analyst Emily Pfeiffer’s insights on the shifts in the B2C commerce market over the past two years.

Build An Engine Of Customer Loyalty - And Revenue

Read our report to learn how to build customer loyalty, brand equity, and revenue with a B2C customer-obsessed growth engine.


Hannover Messe 2024: We’re All In This Together

Paul Miller May 1, 2024
It wasn't all AI, but it was mostly AI. Get our top takeaways and impressions from Hannover Messe 2024, the smart manufacturing world’s annual trade show.

Is Your Strategy Failing You? Or Are You Failing Your Strategy?

Judy Weader April 30, 2024
The basic concept of a strategy is that it describes what an organization plans to do, and very importantly, it excludes the things that the organization doesn’t plan to do. But it’s not just the what that matters: It’s also the how. When I advise Forrester’s clients on how to think about their customer experience […]

Apple Ushers In The Era Of Spatial Computing, Building On Computer Vision Advances

Indranil Bandyopadhyay April 29, 2024
Devices such as Apple’s Vision Pro leverage computer vision to mix the digital and physical worlds. Learn four trends that are accelerating the adoption of computer vision applications today.

The European Accessibility Act Compliance Deadline Is Approaching — Are You Ready?

Gina Bhawalkar April 24, 2024
The European Accessibility Act deadline is approaching, are you ready? Read on to learn how best to prepare.

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Workday Services, Q2 2024

Akshara Naik Lopez April 17, 2024
In our 25-criterion evaluation of Workday services providers, we identified the most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This blog introduces you to the report on how each provider measures up and helps enterprise technology leaders select the right one for their needs.

Modernize Your Cloud Governance To Match Today’s Cloud Strategy

Tracy Woo April 17, 2024
As the cloud landscape adapts to new changes, there is a renewed interest in cloud governance programs. But implementation of cloud governance may prove to be more difficult than expected. Find out why.

DBS Bank’s Billion-Dollar AI Dream

Tom Mouhsian April 17, 2024
Most financial services firms are far from realizing significant commercial value from their AI investments. Singapore-based DBS Bank stands as a role model in this area. Learn how the bank uses AI to generate hundreds of millions of dollars of value for its employees, customers, business units, and, ultimately, shareholders.

The Green Consumer Paradox

Thomas Husson April 15, 2024
Learn the five most common barriers impeding widespread customer adoption of sustainable offerings and how to encourage sustainable behaviors among B2C buyers.

Assess Your Readiness To Become A High-Performance IT Organization

Ted Schadler April 10, 2024
To start your journey to high-performance IT, you must assess your business needs, your current technology styles, and your organization’s execution readiness. Get started by learning the four key steps in assessing your readiness for high-performance IT in this post.

Reflections On The Major Themes From Mobile World Congress 2024

Dan Bieler April 9, 2024
This year’s Mobile World Congress went well beyond the usual telco topics and themes. Learn six of the key themes coming out of one of the most important annual tech events in Europe.

A Guide For Understanding The Marketing Analytics Landscape

Tina Moffett April 8, 2024
Harnessing the power of marketing analytics isn’t just about crunching numbers — it’s about unlocking insights. Get a roadmap for navigating the marketing analytics landscape in this preview of our new report.

No, Amazon Isn’t Killing Just Walk Out But Rather “Pushing Hard” On It

Sucharita Kodali April 4, 2024
In an effort to clear the air about Amazon's Just Walk Out solution, we went direct to an Amazon exec to get the details. Learn three key insights about the future of Amazon’s autonomous checkout technology from this interview with Amazon's Jon Jenkins.

“Change Now” For Sustainable And Profitable Solutions

Thomas Husson April 3, 2024
Educating executives about the environmental impact of their business is still a challenge. Learn why and several other key takeaways from the recent ChangeNOW solutions summit in Paris.
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