Campaign Planning And Implementation

Sound marketing campaign planning is the foundation of B2B marketing success. Yet, too often, campaign planning and implementation are driven by short-term pursuits rather than longer-term business objectives. Read our insights to help build buyer-centric campaign strategies that deliver on marketing goals.

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Reboot Your Marketing Strategy With Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Rusty Warner April 29, 2021
Done right, CCCM delivers more than outbound campaigns. In this Forrester Wave™, we compare CCCM solutions from enterprise marketing software suite vendors.
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Four Building Blocks To Help Campaign Leaders Balance Economies Of Scale And Localization Requirements

Mavis Liew March 31, 2021
How can campaign leaders balance their desire for economies of scale with the need to deliver campaigns that resonate in local markets?
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The Forrester Campaign Framework

Increase campaign effectiveness and improve integration and alignment throughout the campaign planning process.


Don’t Leave Your B2B Marketing Campaigns On Auto-Pilot

Nick Buck March 24, 2021
From pandemics to local disasters, product innovations to mere budget cuts, it's easy for campaign plans to fall out of synch with their environment. Join us at B2B Summit North America to learn how to stay aligned to market conditions and business priorities.
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Get The Content You Need From Global Campaigns

Lisa Gately March 16, 2021
Building a global campaign content strategy that works across local markets is a challenge for most B2B marketing organisations. In her latest blog post and upcoming webinar, Lisa Gately outlines how regional marketers can drive the conversation in three areas to improve audience-centricity, decision-making, and content collaboration.
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How The COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerated B2C Buying Trends

What It Means September 3, 2020
A confluence of forces is accelerating change in B2C buying this year. In this episode, VPs Sucharita Kodali and Mary Pilecki discuss the near- and long-term impacts.
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Eight Essential Elements of Marketing Organizational Design

Jennifer Ross September 14, 2016
  • Organizational design requires a systematic approach that considers the corporate growth objectives
  • Optimizing the structure of the marketing organization requires an understanding of the required competencies
  • Communication is critical throughout each phase of the organizational design process
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By the Numbers: Campaign Planning at Emerging Companies

Barbie Mattie August 29, 2016
  • Findings of the 2016 Global CMO study indicate that emerging.companies (under $50 million in revenue) do not have a firm definition of the campaign process.
  • Emerging.companies are 38 percent less likely to use the campaign planning process and 97 percent less likely to add campaign managers than $51 million to $250 million.companies.
  • Emerging.companies can and should run integrated campaigns, even with limited resources.
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Measuring Campaigns: Perspectives From Around the Table

Ross Graber July 15, 2016
  • Most companies don’t have a process for understanding what tactics or even programs are supposed to do
  • Tipping-point models focus on the most successful tactics for reaching qualification thresholds
  • Companies are facing a series of operational issues that need to be worked through, but a lot of progress is being made
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Six Campaign Questions that Marketing Must Answer

Marcia Trask June 18, 2015
  • As marketing organizations adopt an integrated campaign approach, there’s often a struggle to create buyer-centric campaigns
  • We’ve created a list of six fundamental campaign planning questions that we challenge you to answer
  • The SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework assists with marketing planning and execution to align the overall organization to business goals
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Want Customers to Find Your Campaigns Interesting? Start With Being Interested

Isabel Montesdeoca April 8, 2015
  • All too often, we start by focusing on ourselves – our campaign goals, our solutions, our services
  • Perhaps before we put pen to paper, we should talk to our customers to find out what matters to them most and why
  • Regardless of the approach, follow the golden rule of conversation – be an active listener
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Global Marketing Campaigns: The End of One-Size-Fits-All

Jennifer Ross February 5, 2014

Geographic preferences and nuances must be considered for a successful global demand creation strategy. Many of the professionals we interviewed in a recent survey cited localization of global and regional programs as one of their most significant demand creation challenges.

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Campaign Planning: Balancing Long-Term Vision and Short-Term Goals

Craig Moore December 4, 2012

Marketers who are setting out on a path to develop integrated campaigns are challenged to balance the desire to address customer needs against the pragmatic realities of ensuring they’re promoting the offerings that can be sold and delivered in the near term. It’s a tough balance because we want our marketers to move beyond seeing the world from the view of the current portfolio of offerings and focus on meeting customer needs.

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Balancing Campaigns and Launches

Craig Moore October 17, 2012

More and more, we find marketers adopting an integrated campaign strategy to drive increased sales productivity and marketing efficiency. An integrated campaign is built on a business-needs-based theme, and it runs for an extended duration (usually a year). Within the campaign is a series of carefully choreographed reputation, demand creation, sales enablement and market intelligence activities.

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