Post-Pandemic Media Consumption: Online Streaming Accelerates A New Content Experience

Anjali Lai June 21, 2021
When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered stay-at-home orders and canceled social plans, consumers turned to online media streaming to fill the void. TV/video streaming services touted exclusive content and low prices to lure viewers, and by June 2020, 48% of US online adults had subscribed to at least one streaming service. Our multimodal consumer analysis shows […]

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In A Time Of Crisis, Can Digital Technology Save Globalization?

Allen Bonde April 10, 2020
Ever since I picked up a copy of Thomas Friedman’s The Lexus and the Olive Tree nearly 20 years ago, I’ve been convinced that globalization is here to stay. But the idea has been under fire recently, blamed for everything from job loss to income inequality to immigration — a backlash that has flared up […]

How Data-Literate Are You? Build A Curriculum Of ACES

Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D. February 17, 2020
To have an insights-driven business, employees need to be data literate. Here's how to foster data literacy at your firm.

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