If you are debating whether to use cloud vs on-premises solution, each option has its positives and negatives. Find out how to choose the best option.

boxing glovesWhen preparing for a debate, participants commonly contemplate and anticipate every potential point that the other side could raise. In my blog post “Five Ways to Counter a CIO Veto Against Cloud Apps,” I explained key points that will set you up to successfully convince a CIO that cloud-based services are a viable option for marketing and sales.

Still, many marketers and salespeople see the cloud vs. on-premises debate as a no-brainer with cloud the clear winner – and fail to prepare for any counterarguments against it.

The fact is, each option has its positives and negatives, and understanding that and determining how both cloud and on-premises software fit into your organization are vital. So it’s best to be prepared and create a point-by-point comparison of both choices.

The pros and cons of cloud and on-premises solutions fall into the categories of cost, security, deployment and scalability, and user access.  Use the table below to gain a clearer understanding of both sides of the argument, and to grasp the benefits and drawbacks of each type of technology.