Be Bold, Be Creative, Be Different

It’s 2021, and as a technology executive, you’ve successfully adapted to a decade of digital transformation and, more recently, managed to keep your business resilient through the pandemic-driven recession. But the challenges don’t end there.

Your firm’s digital momentum has accelerated over the past 18 months, but differentiating with digital has proven elusive. Overcoming digital sameness is a very real business challenge. At the same time, you’ve probably seen a steady decline in productivity from your tech investments over the past 10 years.

Sounds grim, right? It’s not. Technology continues to play a critical role in driving growth and fueling innovation — but only if you seize the opportunity to adopt a new mindset and approach.

And it starts with one word: creativity — the uniquely human capacity for infinite inspiration, experimentation, problem-solving, and leaps of imagination.

Technology leaders who embrace creativity by matching advances in technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics to the human capacity for ingenuity can help drive radical business change, unlocking a future where anything is possible.

Firms that leverage creativity as an enterprisewide way of thinking supercharge their individual and collective problem-solving, making them better able to develop potent products, services, processes, and experiences. The result? These future fit firms grow almost three times faster than their industry peers.

Sadly, creativity is often reserved for the exceptional few: a marketing department, creative team, or inspirational leader. Elevating intelligent creativity to drive technology-driven innovation requires a shift in mindset, practices, platforms, and partnerships.

So join us on October 19 and 20 for Forrester’s Technology & Innovation APAC event, where you’ll get explicit guidance, insights, and real-world solutions that empower you to:

  • Unleash the creative organisation to drive innovation, competitive advantage, and differentiation.
  • Embrace technology platforms and co-innovation with technology and service providers to accelerate time-to-value and increase agility.

You’ll hear from our world-class team of analysts, as well as industry leaders, including Michael Gorriz, group CIO of Standard Chartered Bank. Michael will join my colleague, Fred Giron, VP and research director at Forrester, to share practical insights on how Standard Chartered Bank is building a diverse and creative workforce that responds quickly to its evolving client needs to achieve its future fit technology ambitions.

So whether your challenge is mastering cloud-native services and platforms to boost efficiency and innovation while reducing complexity, accelerating time-to-value through low-code-enabled democratised development practices, or improving employee experience via hybrid work and automation, this live virtual experience is for you.

I look forward to seeing you in October. If you haven’t already, please register here.