We’ve seen the promise of what enhanced data, analytics, and AI capabilities can do for businesses, but firms are struggling to truly maximize their impact. Data and analytics leaders want to shift into high gear, but many factors are holding them back. One of the key issues that everyone is facing is finding and developing the human skills needed to transform into an insights-driven business. Data and analytics expertise of all kinds — from data wrangling to data science and analytics to AI — is getting tougher to find and retain. Meanwhile, your customers’ expectations continuously accelerate, and firms must keep up by applying data to business outcomes at greater speed and scale. Your business’s imperative? Nothing short of changing the way you work. That requires a 360-degree approach that focuses on the human skills that top firms develop and that mediocre firms neglect and undervalue.

Be The Change

Forrester can help! At Forrester’s Data Strategy & Insights 2019 Forum on November 5–6 in Austin, Texas, we’ll have a “be the change” track that focuses on data culture, skills development, and critical trends in data analytics talent. On stage, we’ll have experts in storytelling with data, practitioners driving a data literacy program across their global firm, and a top expert in data and analytics talent trends. Together, we will help you embrace proven techniques to change the way you work and embed that change into your organization’s culture.

I look forward to seeing you there!