Businesses have been forced into an unprecedented experiment with remote working and will never return to the pre-pandemic normal. Until a vaccine is widely available, some portion of your workforce will always be remote: Think employees vulnerable to COVID-19, employees with young children at home, and the 33% of US workers who told us they’re too anxious to come back to a physical location even when told it’s safe to do so. Even if a vaccine is available, employees will insist on home-working flexibility, while business leaders will realize they can make significant savings on real estate by keeping some employees remote and be better able to attract and retain the best talent.

To make your remote workforce thrive, you must look to scale those solutions that maximize the productivity of your remote workers, meet their needs, and maintain security. However, the technology basics aren’t enough: You must also think through everything that it takes to foster a remote culture and address the human challenges of working from home — from loneliness to the challenges of remaining productive in the face of distractions, stress and anxiety, and competing obligations.

To help in this challenging task, we’ve pulled together a collection of Forrester’s research that will enable our clients to support their remote workforce with the best possible employee experience. Read, listen to, or watch the content listed below.

The Remote Work Experience

Essential Technologies And Checklists For The Remote Work Experience

Securing And Protecting Privacy For The Remote Work Experience

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