Thank you for taking the quick Forrester Future Fit assessment. As you saw, the assessment returns a score of high, medium, or low future fitness. Behind the scenes, what we did was statistically rigorous but fairly straightforward: Based on your answers to a handful of key questions, we score you on a scale from 1 to 100, where the top or “high” bracket includes people who score from 80 to 100, the “medium” group includes scores from 50 to 80, and the “low” group is everyone scoring from 1 to 50. Knowing what group you score in then helps us show you how people in your group tend to score on nine key attributes of future fitness. If you clicked on it or signed up for it at the end of the survey, you saw or will have had emailed to you a one-page PDF that shows the different scores for each group on all nine attributes. (If you missed that PDF, you can still access it in the resources below.) Those attributes, as we explain in the client-available report with the full details, include:

  • Three health attributes. The healthier we are, the more fit we are in every possible endeavor, including the future. The future fit — the 20% who are most fit — are more likely to exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep. Their emotional health is similarly robust: They experience more positive emotions more intensely than the rest. As a group, they are 66% more likely to report that they are very happy than those in the medium fitness group. Psychologically, they have a higher level of self-efficacy, being more likely to believe that they can make their world a better place.
  • Three mental attributes. The future fit approach life with sharper mental tools, applying themselves to situations that require creativity and resilience. The future fit are 57% more likely than the medium fit to express curiosity about trying new things; they are more agile day to day, seeking out new assignments at work; and they are 74% more likely than the medium fit to take risks in the hope of attaining meaningful rewards.
  • Three action-ready attributes. The future fit see the world as expanding in its potential, making them 57% more likely than the medium fit to believe the next generation will live better than their parents. They are also more collaborative: People describe the future fit as being more giving and willing to share their time with others; this is consistent with the fact that they are 134% more likely than the medium fit to give their time and money to charity. All of this makes them ready to take on new technology: They are 63% more likely than the medium fit to want self-driving cars in their town.

We’re committed to helping you up your fitness. We are building a deep-dive personal fitness assessment experience that will measure your performance on all nine attributes and deliver personalized suggestions on steps you can take to improve. We want you to be future fit because it will help you shape not just our technology but also our communities, our companies, and our culture. Importantly, the future fit are not elites. Instead, they just happen to have a lot of arrows pointing in the right direction — arrows that most of the rest of us can also line up, should we want to. This is a ladder that any of us can climb, if we want to, but to have maximum effect, it can’t be only you; the level of future fitness of your peers, your team, your partners, and your customers will constrain how much you and your organization can lead the next waves of innovation.

So tell your friends, spread the word, encourage them to take the assessment, find out where they score, and then sign up to get access to the full set of assessment tools once they are available. Send them to to get started today!

And if you already took the assessment but didn’t sign up for the deep-dive personal fitness assessment experience when it’s ready, you still can. Give us your email at our sign-up page, and we’ll put you on the list. Then stay tuned!


Forrester report: Introducing Forrester Future Fitness
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James McQuivey, PhD is not just the creator of future fitness — he’s the first client and is improving his fitness even now! He also authored the classic book on consumer-led digital transformation, Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.