Thank you for taking the quick Forrester Future Fit assessment. If you took the 2.0 version of the assessment experience, you also got a brief walkthrough of the attributes that influence future fitness. If you didn’t or you want a refresher, be sure to visit Why Future fit has nine attributes to learn more.

For Forrester clients: Forrester advisory clients will have the opportunity to go through a much deeper version of this same experience where they take a longer survey and get all nine of their attribute scores along with self-coaching resources for improving those attributes. If this sounds like it could be helpful, reach out to your Forrester account rep to see if and when this assessment could be useful to your team. These advisory engagements typically include an assessment of the employee engagement the company achieves in its EX, allowing us to see how individual future fitness and EX interact (hint: they interact tremendously!).

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(updated August 2019)


Forrester report (for clients): Introducing Forrester Future Fitness
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James McQuivey, PhD is not just the creator of future fitness — he’s the first client and is improving his fitness even now! He also authored the classic book on consumer-led digital transformation, Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.