Note: This post is here to preserve the concepts described, however many of the links have been removed since they are no longer actively supported. 

Thank you for taking the quick Forrester Future Fit assessment. If you took the 2.0 version of the assessment experience, you also got a brief walkthrough of the attributes that influence future fitness. If you didn’t or you want a refresher, be sure to visit LINK REMOVED to learn more.

Forrester clients: contact your account manager to learn how we can help assess your team and provide workshop-based guidance to increase future fitness. Should you choose it, the next step will be much more ambitious. We can set up a custom survey for your team or department where we’ll provide guidance on future fitness to each individual and be able to provide aggregated guidance to team and department leadership. We’ll customize workshop experiences that will guide you and your team to increased collaboration and innovation potential.

In the meantime, be sure to tell everyone to check out the free Forrester Future Fit Experience at LINK REMOVED


Forrester report (for clients): Introducing Forrester Future Fitness

James McQuivey, PhD is not just the creator of future fitness — he’s the first client and is improving his fitness even now! He also authored the classic book on consumer-led digital transformation, Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.