Forrester’s customer experience (CX) research team published more than 100 reports in 2019. I just published a report that pulls together our most important CX findings from those publications and highlights them in one place. The report is called “Forrester’s Top Customer Experience Research Findings Of 2019.”

The key discoveries that I feature in this new report spread across four themes:

  • CX quality crept up, while the number of CX execs skyrocketed. Our Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) showed that in 2019, small gains to CX quality emerged amid a fourth year of broad stagnation. During roughly the same period, the number of CX execs grew by more than 1,000%. What’s more, several of the CX execs we found also own marketing, information technology, or operations.
  • Customers aren’t getting the value they need. Most companies fail to deliver value to customers because they think about it in an incomplete and limited way: Companies misjudge what customers value most; lack strategies for addressing customers’ moral, social, and political beliefs; and fail to learn the lessons of customer success management.
  • Companies’ research and measurement efforts still struggle for strategic impact. CX pros on the cutting edge don’t just master the research craft — they also build toward a formal ResearchOps function. What’s more, the best CX teams don’t hesitate to switch customer feedback management vendors — even when doing so is painful.
  • Cutting-edge design techniques emphasize breadth, partnership, and mental agility. These techniques prove that: inclusive design is an imperative; a service design approach is essential to mastering the entire ecosystem; experience designers and data scientists need to collaborate better; digital voice experiences require new knowledge and design processes; and adaptive thinking is the key to smart decisions.

To delve deeper into these key topics, read the full report: “Forrester’s Top Customer Experience Research Findings Of 2019.”