Today, Forrester is announcing a new research portfolio for our clients — Forrester Decisions.

It combines the best of Forrester with the best of SiriusDecisions (which we acquired in 2019), enabling companies to translate their vision and plans into consistent and powerful operations.

Why launch this new portfolio? We listened. Our clients told us they needed a trusted partner to help them future-proof their business strategy, fend off disruptors, and grow faster. We heard that clients needed help tackling today’s business challenges today, not months from now. And finally, we heard a lot about speed. Clients need to achieve demonstrable outcomes faster than they can with traditional, lengthy consulting engagements — they need a continuous feed of expertise.

Forrester Decisions is designed to help clients grow faster through customer obsession. It will enable companies to build differentiated digital experiences and align their product, marketing, and sales efforts to win, serve, and retain more customers than their competitors. While the pandemic pushed many firms to digitize their offerings, only a small number of senior decision-makers rate their firms as digitally advanced — 29% in Asia Pacific, 22% in North America, and 15% in Europe. There is much work to be done.

The new portfolio will help executives, functional leaders, and their teams — across technology, customer experience, B2C and B2B marketing, sales, and product management — plan ​and tackle their most pressing initiatives and priorities for driving growth.

We are excited to focus all of Forrester’s expertise on helping our clients win and thrive in the dynamic post-pandemic, customer-centric world. When companies can see the future clearly and execute boldly against that vision, they will outperform their competitors and lead their markets. Forrester Decisions was conceived and designed to help them do just that.