Generative AI (genAI) is fundamentally reshaping the way we interact with information. At Forrester, we’re proud to be helping drive this seismic shift through our own genAI tool, Izola. Since we launched Izola to a select group of clients last fall, we’ve continuously worked to refine it based on the feedback we’ve received. Now, we’re pleased to announce that this powerful tool is available to all Forrester Decisions clients.

In case you’re not already familiar with Izola, it’s designed to help clients make faster progress on their initiatives through trusted answers based on Forrester’s research and data. When a client submits a question, Izola quickly scans hundreds of thousands of pages of Forrester’s reports and blogs to generate a synthesized answer in everyday common language. It also serves up links to the source reports and blog posts below the answer, providing the option to go deeper.

Rapid access to trusted answers, insights, and data gives clients a better starting point for tackling business problems or developing new strategies. It can accelerate deeper, more informed conversations with Forrester experts as they apply our insights to clients’ unique situations. This, in turn, helps speed up time to value.

Built Into The Way Clients Use Forrester

If you’re a Forrester Decisions client, you can now access Izola directly from the Forrester platform. When you log in, you’ll find it embedded within your homepage and the search experience, fitting seamlessly with the way you use the platform.

Izola is currently designed to answer client questions on their initiatives based on our analysis, insights, and data. Some of the types of information that Izola is particularly good at surfacing include:

  • Definitions — e.g., “What is explainable AI?”
  • Best practices — e.g., “What are customer-obsession best practices?”
  • How-tos — e.g., “How should I build a business case for AI?”
  • Trends — e.g., “What are trends in consumer banking?”
  • Tech and services — e.g., “What do conversational AI solutions do?”

Clients who have already used Izola say that it has helped them start new projects, validate ideas and direction, and lay the groundwork for new strategies. Its ability to quickly synthesize multiple Forrester sources and perspectives can help in getting up to speed and preparing for meetings or calls. As one chief innovation officer told us, “Searching for specific terms is fine when you know what terms to use, [but] for new projects, natural language prompts provide a simple way to immediately view relevant content and resources. Izola provides a great starting point.”

Designed To Keep Getting Smarter

Feedback from our clients since Izola’s initial launch last fall has helped us continuously improve its capabilities. To date, more than 400 Forrester clients have tested and worked with the tool. Today’s Izola provides much more consistent answer quality compared to six months ago. We’ve also given Izola a more user-friendly interface, with more starter prompts to encourage exploration. A new resource widget within the tool makes it easy to access FAQs, find tips for effective prompts, or connect with a Forrester expert.

Just as genAI will keep evolving, Izola will, too. In our quest to make it as helpful as possible, we have made its rating-tool feature more prominent so that it’s easier for clients to provide in-the-moment feedback.

Next Up: Izola Access For Forrester Market Insights Clients

In the coming months, Izola access will be expanded to Forrester Market Insights; we are now continuing to improve the answer quality for those clients’ key use cases. Forrester Market Insights clients who are interested in beta testing Izola can reach out to their customer success manager about gaining access.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Forrester Decisions client and haven’t yet met Izola, log on to to give it a try! And please provide feedback. We’d love to know what you think.