Too many companies — especially those that enjoy initial success — ultimately fail because they cannot (or will not) meet their buyers’ evolving needs.

That risk has never been higher than it is today.

To navigate successfully through the cataclysmic changes in B2B buying behaviors accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, your organization will need to chart a path based on a more strategic understanding of the relationship between the buyer’s expectations and your specific offerings.

In my latest report (coauthored with Lori Wizdo), “What B2B Buyers Crave,” we:

  • Explore the key environmental factors driving fundamental changes in B2B buyer behaviors.
  • Explain the implications of these changes — most notably that buyers now expect to be treated as partners in their relationships with your companies and what this means for all marketers and sellers.
  • Provide new customer-centric models — the Buying Motion Matrix and expectations indicator — to help you anticipate, plan, and adapt to the changes of your specific buyers.

It’s also worth noting how well this report highlights the depth of the combined Forrester and SiriusDecisions B2B research teams and our strategy to deliver insights across the entire spectrum of vision, strategy, and operations. As the first in a series of “future of” reports (to be followed by similar content on marketing and sales), “What B2B Buyers Crave” was not only the product of a large, cross-functional collaboration team that I had the honor of comanaging with SiriusDecisions VP and Research Director Amy Hayes, but it also served as the foundation for our keynote presentation on the future of B2B buying at the SiriusDecisions Summit this week and will be extended by an upcoming research brief for SiriusDecisions clients that Amy is managing — teamwork!

Stay safe, everyone.