As manufacturing becomes connected, digital, and smart, manufacturers find themselves grappling with unfamiliar technologies. In “The Forrester Tech Tide™: Smart Manufacturing, Q2 2020,” we highlight 20 significant technologies. The report offers clients advice on whether they should experiment with, invest in, maintain, or divest from each of these.

I will be running a webinar on May 20, during which I will discuss the rationale for the report’s recommendations and take questions from participants. Please do join us.

A set of reports later in 2020 will dive more deeply into a number of the technologies flagged for experimentation or investment. Clients can always see my current research plan at the bottom of this page or discuss it with their account manager.

As always, Forrester clients can schedule an inquiry call to ask me about this topic in person. Anyone can propose a briefing to tell me what they’re doing in this area.