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Singapore’s Model AI Governance Framework Sets Out To Help Organizations Deploy AI Responsibly

Achim Granzen February 5, 2021
Principal Analyst Achim Granzen examines how Singapore’s AI governance initiatives can serve as a model for other organizations.

AI Drives The Evolution Of Technology And Data Governance

Achim Granzen January 26, 2021
Learn why data and tech governance initiatives must evolve to embrace ethics and risk this year.

Europe Predictions 2021: Disruption And Opportunity For Technology Leaders

Martin Gill October 15, 2020
Every autumn at Forrester, we look ahead to predict how we think the world will unfold in the coming year. It’s that time again now. The art of prediction isn’t new, and as Europeans, we’ve excelled in it for centuries. Millenia even. Kings and queens, chieftains and war leaders would consult the wise, hoping for […]

Who Is Responsible For Responsible AI?

Brandon Purcell August 12, 2020
What are the most common issues resulting from AI? Analyst Brandon Purcell reviews the most recent legal issues stemming from AI and provide guidance on how to address them.

A Flash-Point Week For Facial Recognition

Srividya Sridharan June 11, 2020
Our analysts address the five most pressing questions in the facial recognition debate.

Five AI Principles To Put In Practice

Brandon Purcell April 13, 2020
From tech vendors to governments to industry consortia to the Vatican, it seems that every day a new entity is announcing its set of AI principles — broad guidelines for how AI systems should be responsibly developed, trained, tested, and deployed. On the surface, this is great news, as it demonstrates an awareness of the fact […]