Two Questions To Ask Yourself About Your COVID-19 Messaging

Laura Ramos June 5, 2020
As B2B analysts, we’ve been asking ourselves whether organizations have been responding to this health crisis in a way that is truly helpful to their customers. Our recently published report, “Messaging In The Time Of COVID-19,” which details our findings after reviewing 60 B2B websites and social accounts across 12 industries, seeks to answer that […]

Quantifying COVID-19 For The Tech Channel — May 8 Update

Jay McBain May 8, 2020
With COVID-19 still spreading and broad quarantines, shutdowns, and other measures to contain it continuing, it is still impossible to make definitive predictions of its impact on the tech channel. Instead, we are using three scenarios that take into account different recovery start times and shapes of recovery graphs. More detail around these scenarios, tech […]

Slowing Growth For US Tech Budgets In 2020 And 2021, Varying By Industry

Andrew Bartels March 5, 2020
Even before the threat of coronavirus, the US economy was poised for a slowdown in 2020. Slowing real GDP growth of 2% or less in turn will lead to slower growth of US tech budgets: from 4.5% in 2019 to 4.2% in 2020 and 4% in 2021, according to Forrester’s latest US tech budget forecast: […]