Initial Thoughts From Round 2 Of MITRE’s Enterprise ATT&CK Evaluation

Josh Zelonis April 24, 2020
What an amazing year it’s been for the ATT&CK evals team, going from an initial cohort of seven vendors in round 1 to 21 vendors for round 2. The industry adoption of this evaluation has been nothing short of amazing and is well deserved. With that said, I’m pleased to once again contribute my thoughts […]

Hunting Through Abstraction: The Next Evolution Of Threat Detection

Josh Zelonis March 26, 2020
Following the publication of the latest Forrester Wave™ evaluation on enterprise detection and response (EDR), I published a blog with the demo script that was used in the evaluation to enable further discussion and understanding of where the market is. With this blog, I thought it would be interesting to dig into the demo script a […]

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Detection And Response, Q1 2020

Josh Zelonis March 18, 2020
Today we published “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Detection And Response, Q1 2020” report to help you understand how the 12 most relevant vendors in the space are squaring off against each other, with a focus on product functionality, vendor strategy, and client experiences. I’m honestly quite excited about this evaluation and have taken the concept […]

The Evolution Of Enterprise Detection And Response

Josh Zelonis February 5, 2020
When the endpoint detection and response (EDR, which was also referred to as endpoint threat detection and response, or ETDR, at the time) market was getting started, there was a lot of pushback, ranging from privacy concerns to what the acceptance of a second security agent on endpoints would be (apparently, it was never going […]

Calling All Endpoint Detection And Response Vendors

Josh Zelonis July 21, 2017
On July 25, we’re going to start sending out detailed questionnaires to vendors that qualify for our upcoming report entitled Vendor Landscape: Endpoint Detection And Response, 2017. This report will be a collaboration between Chris Sherman and myself, with an expected publication date in September. We will be approaching a product category that is about […]