I’m excited to announce that our list of top emerging technologies to watch in 2018 is out. If you are a client, you can download the report here; if not, here is a quick video blog. It explains what’s different about this year’s report and how we came up with our list. It further contains some important detail about how we defined emerging technology, why we selected what we did, and how we plotted then on a chart by “newness” and “breadth of impact.”

For those of you who just want the list, here it is:

I hope you do your own research on each of these in addition to talking to our analyst experts who cover them — we have a lot of insight to share. Please also attend our New Tech & Innovation 2018 Forum in Boston next week. I’ll be hosting and talking about these technologies, and many of our analyst experts will be there as well, such as Martha Bennett and J. P. Gownder. We will also be talking about the link between innovation and new technology and presenting some of our new research on this topic from Bobby Cameron and James Staten. I look forward to seeing you.