Where are you on your company’s journey to personalize the customer’s experience? Are you one of the 89% of digital businesses that are investing in personalization – companies like Coca-Cola, Fabletics, Netflix, Sephora, USAA, and Wells Fargo.

What’s new now? Businesses need to evolve their definition of personalization – from tactical segmentation, to strategic individualization.  However, most organizations today still have a long way to go to reach this next level of maturity. Digital professionals are prioritizing personalization today, but many still struggle to understand their customers, gather customer data, and deliver contextually relevant and value adding experiences.

At Forrester’s upcoming Consumer Marketing Forum (April 5-6), we’ll break down this challenge, starting with “The Personalization Imperative: Making The Move To Individualization.” In this presentation, I’ll analyze the transformation that companies must take to eliminate customer pain points, focus on the customer’s journey, and ultimately provide individualized experiences. Then a group of savvy digital executives and I will discuss their experiences in designing, implementing, and refining personalization to win the long-term loyalty of today’s empowered customer. This panel of illustrious executives includes:

  • Katherine Monasebian, General Manager, Brand & Digital Strategy, E-Commerce & Growth, ALEX AND ANI
  • Rob Schmults, former SVP, eCommerce and CRM,Talbots 

Interested in hearing more? Join us at Forrester’s Consumer Marketing 2018 on April 5-6 at the New York Marriott Marquis. To receive a complimentary Brand Marketing pass, please email your contact details to events@forrester.com and receive the code.