Customer Experience

Great customer experience is powerful — a growth engine for acquiring new customers and making advocates out of the ones you already have. But few companies are able make that claim.

CX has proven to be hard: customers demand more, organizational inertia creates headwinds, and unclear prioritization of the experiences that produce the greatest economic impact has suppressed available gains.

Companies will win or lose based on experience, and CX is still the vital point of differentiation and growth. Forrester helps CX professionals revitalize their customer experience strategy and initiatives — winning the hearts, minds, and advocacy of customers and driving sustained growth.

Insights For Customer Experience Professionals


Predictions 2019: Customer Experience Comes Under Fire

In 2019, some brands will shift away from the hard work of CX transformation in favor of short, destructive price wars. Eventually, they’ll come to their senses. But not before a serious redistribution of talent.

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Will CX Pros Still Have A Job In 2025?

Then the question from one of our fold: “Will I still have a job in 2025?” The question was met with a stunned pause in conversation (quite a feat for a group of CX professionals!).

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Forrester Launches CX Certification

Build the CX skills needed to drive growth.

April 2–3 • New York

Beyond The Direct-To-Consumer Revolution

Join us for Consumer Marketing 2019.

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