Innovation & Strategy

Innovation needs to be a core competency and core operation of your firm, enabling you to rapidly adapt to a market where disruption is normal, competition is fierce, and emerging technologies promise to change the way people work and how your company competes.

Innovation and strategy professionals are not working from a blank sheet of paper; you must understand and navigate the current norms, habits, and sense of speed of the company. Whether reimagining current assets or buying or building productive ecosystems, you must disrupt from within to protect the firm from being disrupted.

Innovation is critical to your growth strategy. Forrester helps innovation and strategy professionals unlock your company’s hidden potential and drive new revenue growth.

Insights for Innovation & Strategy Professionals


Protect Your Customers' Lives Via Tech-Driven Innovation

For nearly every industry, a key aspect of this is proactively addressing any health issues or risks your customers face or may encounter in the future.
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Adaptive Enterprises Are Growing Three Times Faster Than Their Competitors

Agile is useful, but inherently reactive. Adaptive firms will dominate agile-only by proactively reconfiguring for what the future will bring. Read ways to become more adaptive.
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How To Successfully Manage Your Automation Portfolio

Learn how to use Forrester's framework to guide decisioning, rationalize your portfolio, and prepare for the future of work.

How To Successfully Manage Your Automation Portfolio

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