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Impacted by restless customers, aggressive disruption, and a staggering pace of technology change, business leaders are confronted by uncertainty at a time of high consequence and great opportunity. Forrester Consulting helps you see better so you can act faster in a market that rewards customer obsession, speed, and agility. By harnessing the full power of Forrester to assist you with your strategy, operating model, and technology decisions, we can give you a competitive advantage that translates to growth.

The Financial Value Of CX 

Your ability to drive consistent customer-focused innovation and experiences for your customers and employees will be the financial engine that drives growth. For too many, customer experience has been unable to move the needle due to inabilities to affect core operations, to identify the touchpoints that truly matter, or to design changes that favor repair over differentiation. Forrester Consulting — armed with differentiated company insights, industry benchmarks, proprietary tools, methodologies, and driver analyses that allow us to predict the greatest financial return — can help you move from strategic promise to financial growth.

Becoming Digital-First

Digital-first is a mindset — a belief that digital agility is a matter of winning and losing. For many, digital transformations are lagging as firms hang onto old practices and norms. Meanwhile, digital natives and transformed traditional players raise the bar and increase speed. Forrester Consulting can work with you to help identify your “to-be” state and put in motion a transformation strategy that recognizes that your future is not really about digital but about leadership and teams accepting new ways — aligned to what your customers want.

Protecting Trust

Consumers already show declining trust in institutions. Coupled with a culture of hyperadoption and hyperabandonment and the double-barrel hazards of privacy and security, the risks you face can dramatically impact financials and, over time, destroy your brand. Forrester Consulting can help put in place an end-to-end system, from the Zero Trust framework to an incident response capability that can help you protect trust as a strategic asset in a hostile and changing market.

Reimagining Marketing

Marketing was a game of scale. But now marketers are challenged to “scale” individualization, effectively utilizing empathy and emotional connection as a strategic capability. Forrester Consulting’s strategy and content marketing capabilities can help you capture the hearts, minds, and spend of prospects and customers — driving conversion and connection to the right person at the right time.

Strategic Vendor Management

Business leaders dedicate a significant amount of their finite time and financial resources to digital transformation efforts. After having allocated much of those resources to justification, visioning, and vendor selection, there is little room for excess technology spend. Forrester supports your procurement process by providing current fact-based market data, research and insights, and advice — helping you achieve the optimal product configuration at the market’s best price. We help your team select the right vendor and then craft and implement a unique negotiation strategy aligned to your technology agenda and goals, all while ensuring that you maintain a positive relationship with your vendor.

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