Customer Experience

Drive Alignment And Growth

As a customer experience (CX) leader, you rally your organization around customer needs. You dismantle old ways of working and build new ones. You experiment boldly and act with vision. You do it all while fighting an uphill battle to secure buy-in, budget, and alignment.

Achieve Your Priorities

Every CX leader is in a unique position, responding to customers, processes, and touchpoints particular to the business. No matter where your organization is along its customer experience journey, get to your destination faster, and achieve your priorities in:

  • Understanding your evolving customer
  • Activating the voice of the customer
  • Designing experiences that drive loyalty
  • Measuring the impact of CX
  • Avoiding imitation
  • Embracing enabling technology and processes
  • Defining roles, responsibilities, and structures

How We Help Drive Business Results

Recognized as the global leader in CX research, Forrester provides rich insights, strategic frameworks, and hands-on guidance that empower leaders and teams to convert their CX vision into programs that adapt with changing demands and demonstrate real business results.

Lay the foundation for continuous CX transformation.

Build a strategy, and implement proven models that adapt and grow with the needs of your business and market.

Prove the value of CX initiatives.

Quantify the outcomes of your initiatives through a proprietary algorithm for modeling the financial impact of CX investments.

Build a culture of CX across the enterprise.

Build CX capacity and mindset across the ecosystem through training and certification.

Leading-Edge Insights, Guidance, And Tools

Forrester Research

Research backed by deep insights aligned to CX leader priorities and hands-on guidance from industry-leading CX analysts.

  • CX Measurement Engagements

    Hands-on guidance from our consultants to help you create a clear vision for the future of CX measurement that links CX gains directly to business goals, with strategy and operating models tailored to your unique needs.

  • CX Certification

    An all-online microlearning program that combines Forrester research, analyst insights, and hands-on activities to align your team and validate their expertise.

  • Customer Experience Index (CX Index™)

    Rich data, analysis, and trusted guidance to help you understand the quality of CX you provide and how it impacts growth as compared to your competitors.

  • CX Forums

    Forrester's CX Forums are the leading annual events for CX leaders and their teams, with new research, content from industry innovators, and peer networking. 

Research Spotlight

Discover The Virtuous Cycle Of CX Management

There are six key areas of CX management that interlock to form a virtuous cycle of improved customer loyalty and business outcomes:

  1. Research. Understand your customers in depth, and communicate that understanding to employees and partners.
  2. Prioritization. Focus on what’s most important for your customers’ experience and your business’s success.
  3. Design. Define and refine experiences based on your vision and customer understanding.
  4. Enablement. Provide employees and partners with the resources they need to deliver the right experiences.
  5. Measurement. Quantify the quality of experiences and their link to the organization’s overall metrics.
  6. Culture. Create a system of shared values and behaviors that focuses employees on delivering great customer experiences.

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Revitalize CX Measurement & Prioritization

Revitalize CX Measurement & PrioritizationAmid economic instability, it’s even more critical to retain customers, decrease cost-to-serve, and increase customer spend — if possible. We’ve compiled a guide to help you prioritize customer experience projects with the greatest business impact and demonstrate their contributions in a cost-sensitive environment.

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