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Watch the webinar replay Planning Guide 2024: Customer Experience. See where to invest in your CX strategy. 


Customer experience (CX) success continues to be a struggle. Declining CX quality and disruptions from emerging tech like generative AI puts CX strategy in question, with confusion about where and how to invest.  

Yet our research reveals tempered CX budget optimism for 2024. Its not a year to hold back on CX spending entirely its the time to realign spending to drive action and deliver value. 

Watch our Planning Guide 2024: Customer Experience webinar to learn how and where CX leaders can invest, and where they should cut budgets back, for next year, covering CX initiatives, technology, and personnel. 

With money on the line and headwinds on the rise, never has it been so critical for CX to drive business growth and support business objectives and this insight can help. 

Watch it now to hear analyst advice on the core investments crucial to ensuring a successful CX strategy. 

What will you learn? 

  • How to invest in customer-focused initiatives, not just internal priorities 
  • Where to reduce expenses and allocate funds for CX experimentation
  • How to invest in emerging tech like generative AI and extended reality


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Webinar Replay — Planning Guides 2024: Customer Experience

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