Reprints FAQ

Getting Started

What are my licensing options?

You can license a Forrester reprint for a three-, six-, or 12-month period.

Can I license any Forrester report that I want?

Some Forrester reports are off limits for reprints, and there may also be update limitations. For example, we do not allow reports containing CX Index results or out-of-date reports to be licensed as reprints.

How much do reprints cost?

Contact your account manager to learn more about pricing options.

How do I extend my reprint license?

Contact your account manager to learn more about options to extend your reprint license.

Once I have decided on a report, when will I receive my reprint link?

While the timeline may vary, you will typically receive an email with a link to the reprint within 48 hours of selecting the report and discussing a desired activation date with your account manager.

Can I switch out a report?

If you have not activated the report yet, it is possible to do so. Check with your account manager or CSM.

Can I post a PDF of the report?

No, we do not allow the use of downloadable PDFs. You must use the reprint link you received upon delivery.

Are the Excel files and interactive components of a report included with the reprint license?

Not at this time.


Can I edit or remove a section of the report?

In order to preserve the integrity of the report, we cannot remove parts of a report . Reports will remain in their entirety in order to maintain their research integrity.

What are my options to customize a reprint?

There are two options available:

  1. Callouts. You can add up to three virtual sticky notes with custom text or call-to-action links (subject to Citations approval).
  2. Digital wrapper. You can add an intro section (subject to Citations approval) and company information before and after the report, directly on Forrester’s digital report platform .

Can I add callout boxes to the wrapper?

Yes. You can utilize every add-on on one asset.

What do I need to submit for my wrapper?

In order for Forrester to create your wrapper, you must submit the following:

  1. Wrapper content (text, images, formatting, video, etc.)
  2. Your company’s brand and style guidelines, including color palette
  3.  A high-resolution logo

What is the turnaround time for a wrapper?

You’ll receive your completed wrapper within four to six business days once:

  • All wrapper materials are received.
  • Citations provides approvals.
  • The report is live on

We cannot deliver wrappers the day a report goes live. Please note that you can activate a report reprint link before the wrapper is completed and update the link once it is ready.

Where do I enter my callouts for the report? How many do I get? Are there length limits?

When the reprint is activated, you will receive a callout link editor via email. You will add all callout drafts to the link, providing placement for each callout. The content, when submitted via the link, is sent to Citations, which will provide approval or edits. A report can have up to three callouts per reprint. A callout can have up to 300 characters including spaces.

What is the preference link?

The preference link is an internally facing link that you can use to help provide customizations to the reprint UX design. This gives you the option to:

  • Enable callouts (if licensed).
  • Protect the reprint link behind a landing page (landing page must be submitted for approval to the Citations team).
  • Activate jump links to the subheaders.
  • Enable social sharing.

Can I translate a reprint report into other languages?

Translated documents may only be purchased through Forrester for an additional charge. Translations must be purchased through Forrester to be eligible for distribution.


Do I receive an image of the report cover page for use in promotional materials?

Not automatically. Please request a complimentary cover image through your account manager or CSM.

How do I add the reprint to my campaigns?

Once you have signed the contract and your account manager has submitted the reprint request, you will receive a URL link to a digital platform that houses the report you’d like to use. Use that link to integrate the reprint into your website or landing pages. Simply add it into the HTML code for that page.

How do I get contact information for the people that read the report?

Build a landing page with a registration form that captures a reader’s information before they are allowed to view the document. Forrester does not (and is not allowed, per our privacy policy) to collect the personal information of our clients’ prospects.

Do I have to put my reprint behind a registration page?

No. This is just an option for you to capture leads.

Can I host my reprint on partner and third-party sites?

You must purchase an Extended Distribution Rights (EDR) license in order to post your reprint to a third-party or partner site.

Can I host the reprint on all domains that I own?

A standard reprint license allows you to host your reprint on one domain, but you can purchase a single-region campaign reprint license to host on domains in the same geographic region (for example, .uk and .it) or for a global campaign (all domains).

Can I put the reprint link directly into emails and social posts?

Yes, you can.

Can I market my reprint on partner and third-party sites?

Yes, but the Citations team still needs to review and approve the partner and third-party materials.

Can I print hard copies of the licensed reprint report?

You must purchase an Extended Distribution Rights (EDR) license in order to distribute hard copies of the report.

Reprints of Forrester Wave™

When can I get my Wave Leader badge?

If you are named a Wave Leader, you can receive a Leader badge the same day the report goes live on Wave reports are subject to change until the report is published on, so we cannot give them out before it is published. Wave badges are only available to Leaders in the Wave that purchase a reprint license.

Is there a badge for Strong Performers/Contenders/Challengers?


Can I receive a copy of the Wave graphic for ____?

We do not initially send out a copy of the Wave graphic with the reprint link. You must gain approval from Citations for how you will use the graphic. In order to receive a copy, please reach out to Forrester Citations at