Types of Forrester Research

Forrester Research publishes many different types of research, each with a unique use case to help you save time and accelerate outcomes. Learn about each research type to understand when and why to use it.

Types Of Research Content


Benchmarks provide operational and performance metrics from Forrester’s industrywide market research.

Best Practice

Best Practice research lays out Forrester’s recommendations about a process or initiative.

Business Case

Business Case research provides qualitative and/or quantitative analysis to support your firm’s decision to act.


Certification combines e-learning and interactive modules into a curriculum that builds professional expertise.

Chart Your Course

Chart Your Course reports define your two- to five-year path to get to a future vision.


Charter reports give newly formed business functions a clear definition of their goals and core operations.

Data Overview

Data Overviews are data-rich reports that inform you about an emerging trend, describe market behaviors, or quantify business challenges.

Data Snapshot

Data Snapshots highlight a key data point from Forrester’s global market research.

Decision Tool

Decision Tools allow clients to input information and get back insights and advice.


Essentials reports summarize Forrester’s point of view on a topic and provide links to foundational research.

First 90 Days

First 90 Days reports outline the steps a leader should take in the first 90 days of a new role.


Forrester Forecasts provide quantitative projections about business growth, market sizing, spending, and consumer activity.

How To

How To reports guide you through the implementation of a specific model, framework, or process.

Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessments are quick surveys that gauge your firm’s overall maturity and relative strength in up to six competencies.

Model Overview

Model Overviews provide a detailed explanation of a Forrester model or framework to help your organization adopt and implement.

New Wave

The Forrester New Wave™ provides a side-by-side comparison of top providers in an emerging market.


Landscapes describe the business value of a class of technology products or services and identify the providers in that market.

Planning Guide

Planning Guides help leaders set budgeting priorities during the annual planning process.


Forrester’s Predictions summarize the bold headlines we expect in the coming year.

RACI Matrix

RACI Matrix reports clarify the level of responsibility that each role has across a portfolio of activities.


Roadmaps provide step-by-step advice for adopting a key model or initiative over the course of one year or less.

Role Connections

Role Connections reports clarify various roles and how they can work together effectively.

Role Profile

Role Profiles provide a job description and associated competencies to help you fill a particular role.

Scenario Quick Start

Scenario Quick Starts provide guidance to respond to a series of possible operational scenarios.

Tech Tide

The Forrester Tech Tide™ defines the maturity and business value of the tech or service categories that support a function.


Templates are editable resources that you can use to expedite the creation of a key deliverable.


Toolkits describe a collection of useful resources that help you accelerate the implementation of a priority.


Trends research keeps you informed about changing market and industry dynamics.


Vision reports are Forrester’s take on the future and what best-in-class companies should plan for.


The Forrester Wave™ provides a side-by-side comparison of top providers in a market.