Henry Wang

Lead Architect, MYbank, Ant Group Shareholder

MYbank, a leading digital-only bank backed by Ant Group, established on June 25th 2015, focuses on serving SMEs(Small and Mid-size Enterprise) and farmers, and was one of the first batch of pilot private commercial banks in China. It is also the first bank in China to establish its core banking system entirely on the cloud without any physical branches. As one of the brands under Ant Financial Services Group, MYbank leverages Alipay’s AI, computing and risk management technologies to improve customer service and increase efficiency.

Since joining Alibaba Group in 2013, Henry Wang has excellently served as the leader of the Alibaba Cloud hardware architecture service and an architect of Alibaba database. And now, he is responsible for cloud technical architecture at MYbank, focusing on cloud computing infrastructure and cloud native application architecture.