Jens-Michael Peters

Head of CX, Innogy

Energy makes the world go round! This has been the belief system that Jens has held for 25 years, with international experience in the sales of energy and services and also in delivering a valuable experience to the customers he has served over the years.
Jens is the current CEO of eprimo, the popular challenger brand with considerable growth in the German energy market and one of innogy´s digital leaders.

In 2017 he set up the Customer Experience Factory to promote the value of CX within the innogy group. In an industry being disrupted by the customer, CX means rethinking the way business is done. The CX Factory, located in Berlin, Germany, is innogy’s global hub for CX and the collaboration platform for 15 retail energy companies in Europe, totaling 23 Million customers.

Together with the markets, the international team drives the customer centric transformation across the group by leveraging technology and developing the capabilities of employees, empowering them to create extraordinary CX.