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Wealth Management

Digital Experience In Wealth Management

The wealth management advisor model is powerful and has withstood the test of time. That test is getting harder. A new generation of self-directed investors with a willingness to experiment on new platforms is forcing you to consider direct digital engagement. You need to tap into that future investor on their terms and through their preferred engagement path. How do you do that and maintain or even enhance the advisor channel, managing the channel conflict that can put a real dent in the business?

The Customer

Some wealth management firms argue about who their customer is: the advisor or the end customer. It can be both, but it is always the end customer. Who are they? What motivates them? What drives engagement or affinity? You need to go beyond the broad-brush view of Millennials into a refined view of your future customer to design differentiated experiences based on the customer’s behavior and expectations.

Scenario Planning

Wealth management was a stable market with stable norms. Digital disruption changes that. Digital greatly lowers barriers to entry and makes it far too easy to capture investors. How do you understand what 2020 or 2021 looks like? What will be normal? What will the basis of competition and differentiation be?

CX As A Disruptive Force

This is not about journey mapping and making small advancements everywhere. This is about having CX reshape how customers perceive and experience your brand and value. CX, done well, is a growth engine and is the best expression of your brand and the best method to engender real affinity. But CX can come with a price: It can be — and maybe should be — disruptive to longstanding cultural and operating norms. Sometimes making painful changes can be the difference between stagnation and growth.

Dual-Track CX Strategy

The reality is that you need the advisor-led and direct business to fire on all cylinders. Managing channel conflict is not simple — but it’s doable. It is feasible and necessary to digitally enable and advance your advisors as you create productive direct relationships with the end customer.

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