What It Means

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The age of the customer isn’t a tagline — it’s a fundamental shift in the market that is forcing companies and executives to change course. In Forrester’s What It Means podcast, we’ll examine those changes, what they mean, and what executives can do about them.

March 23, 2017

The CIA breach and the IoT security wake-up call

Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard discusses the implications of the CIA breach — exposing the immediate and far-reaching security threats driven by the internet of things (IoT) at a time when many companies are prioritizing time-to-market over minimizing risk.

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March 16, 2017

Rethinking customer loyalty

Forrester Analysts Emily Collins and Rick Parrish examine the changing — or eroding — state of customer loyalty, as aged loyalty programs are misfiring against customer priorities and companies struggle for the hearts, minds, and spend of empowered, restless customers.

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March 9, 2017

The new tech revolution

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins discusses the new technology revolution and its far-reaching implications in terms of what companies are and how they need to work.

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March 2, 2017

The economics of CX

Forrester Principal Analyst Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian reveals the powerful (potential) relationship between customer experience (CX) efforts and financial performance — as well as the challenges many are facing to convert on that opportunity.

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February 23, 2017

The new business of emotion

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst James McQuivey delves into the recent discoveries on how emotion really works and what it means for your brand and customer experience design.

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