Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President and Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Your customers buy on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They use a digital assistant, like Siri, to find information. They use apps to order coffee, get directions, and shop. Technology is a vital part of how they interact with the world. It’s also a vital part of how they become aware, consider, and buy from your brand.  

In this week’s What It Means, Vice President & Principal Analyst Dipanjan Chatterjee explains the lessons from this year’s CES. Brands are seeing the potential of emerging technology like digital assistants and robots to augment the consumer experience. Few CMOs and marketers will remain unimpacted by the pervasive reach of technology. Today’s brand experiences are tech-infused brand experiences.  

As consumer technology continues to develop, marketers have no other choice but to keep a pulse on these new developments. Things will move quickly. In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone. Now, a mobile strategy is indispensable. All of this means that marketing organizations must work quickly to understand emerging consumer technology, fail fast, and harness digital to delight today’s empowered customers.