Forrester Senior Analyst Anjali Lai shares why companies need to think about customers in the context of their motivations (not just demographics or current behaviors) and measure predictive factors to get ahead of rising customer expectations and potential churn.


Anjali Lai, Senior Data Analyst

Show notes:

Companies, industries, and markets are undergoing extraordinary change because of one overriding factor: the customer. Markets are in flux and businesses are under pressure as empowered, digital-savvy customers take charge, flexing their muscles (and wallets) and forcing businesses to operate differently.

But who are these customers, what are their attitudes, and what motivates them? How do businesses augment demographic and behavioral data with the critical ingredient of motivation — the best predictor of future behavior?

In this episode, Anjali Lai discusses the results of Forrester’s Empowered Customer Segmentation research, which gets underneath the customer dynamic to reveal the specific attitudes and motivations fueling today’s market. Anjali shares the ways that business leaders can use these insights to differentiate and win in the age of the customer.