Sharyn Leaver, Forrester Vice President and Group Director

Show Notes:

The speed of an idea is fast, the speed of technology is fast, but the speed of people is slow. In a market where most companies are trying to transform themselves across multiple dimensions — digital and CX transformations, for example — this lack of speed underpins failures across all industries. 

Today’s existing organizational structures are not built for speed. They’re optimized instead for stability, predictability, and control — which is not optimal for business transformation. The organization of the future will be fluid; teams will be constantly evolving and optimizing for each new project. 

This brings on a whole new set of problems: Companies will need to determine an organizing principle, select the right talent, provide the right technologies for this new type of workforce, and ultimately, give their people something to rally behind. 

In this podcast episode, Sharyn Leaver talks through the complexities of organizational change, why the rigidity of today’s organizations needs to end, and gives a glimpse of what Forrester expects companies will look like in the not-so-distant future.