Sixty-two percent of companies fail to get the most out of their business technology — and the CEO and CIO are to blame. Forrester CEO George Colony and Principal Analyst Bobby Cameron explain why these executives are responsible for leveraging technology to deliver the best customer experience. 


George Colony, Forrester CEO, and Bobby Cameron, Principal Analyst.

Show Notes:

If you’re using technology to speed up internal processes, that’s great — but it’s not digital transformation. 

True transformation is about rising to the expectations of your customers: It means reinventing the business and creating an enterprisewide culture of customer obsession — and it must be led by the CEO and the CIO.  

In this podcast episode, George Colony and Bobby Cameron explain the responsibilities of the CEO and CIO in driving a customer-centric culture and uniting the enterprise tech stack, plus the strong correlation between customer satisfaction and the activities of the CIO. 

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