VP, Principal Analyst, Jeff Pollard and Principal Analyst, Chase Cunningham


Show Notes

The idea of Zero Trust was first brought to market by former Forrester Analyst John Kindervag. In the eight years since, Zero Trust has taken off across industries, flipping traditional security management on its head.

Rather than layering security technology over archaic legacy systems — and mistakenly assuming they can be trusted — Zero Trust lives by its name: All network traffic is inherently untrusted, regardless of whether it is internal or external.

In this episode, Principal Analysts Jeff Pollard and Chase Cunningham tell us to stop worrying about the threat (really) — because it’s never going away. Instead, focus on what you can control, and make sure you get it right. While hackers’ tactics have largely stayed the same, socioeconomic and geopolitical tension is rising: We have more at stake than ever before.