Building the future of mobile: From apps to ecosystem experiences

A complimentary on-demand webinar

For many companies, the need for meaningful mobile experiences continues to drive digital transformation. Building those mobile experiences is still proving to be a challenge; and, unfortunately it’s not getting easier as the varying types of mobile experiences continue to increase. To meet the challenge, companies must consider The Future of Mobile to build and refine a digital strategy.

Throughout the webinar Michael will discuss:

  • The four phases to the future of mobile experiences: web/native experiences, platform experiences, virtual agent experiences, and connected ecosystems.
  • Digital strategy: mobile shouldn’t be viewed as a channel but instead as the core.
  • The future: building it starts today with a well-defined API ecosystem.

Hosted by:

Michael Facemire

Mike Facemire
Principal Analyst

Complimentary on-demand webinar

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