If you have implemented or used either application wrapping or containerization technologies, please COMPLETE THIS SURVEY.

Application wrapping versus containerization: Which technology provides better security to an enterprise mobile deployment? What are the use cases for each technology, and which technology has a longer shelf life when it comes to being the de facto standard for enterprise mobile security? Are there times when containerization provides a better user experience than application wrapping? And more simply speaking . . . what the heck is the difference between these two technologies, and which one should you purchase?

In the sport of boxing, "the tale of the tape" is a term used to describe a comparison between two fighters. Typically, this comparison includes physical measurements of each fighter as taken by a tape measure before the bout, thus the term "the tale of the tape." I'm currently conducting research for a "tale of the tape" report between mobile containerization technologies and mobile application wrapping. There has been a significant amount of discussion lately regarding which of these technologies is better suited for enterprise deployment. In order to settle this dispute, I'm going to get out the virtual tape measure and analyze the fighters!

I'm looking for your help to assist me in determining the winner. If you have deployed a mobile containerization technology or have implemented application wrapping in your environment, or if you are the end user of containerization technology or application wrapping products at work, please complete this short SURVEY. For completing the SURVEY, you will receive a free copy of the report when it is released.

NOTE: The jpg in this post is a subtle tip of the hat to the Boston Bruins' loss last night in game seven of the Stanley Cup playoffs to Montreal. As a Yankees fan, I have to despise every Boston sports team. To add some incentive to getting submissions, if I receive over 200 complete responses, I will put on a Boston Bruins jersey and publish a photo of myself wearing it on my Twitter account @txs. For those of you that know me well, this would completely break my heart. This challenge is kind of like a dunking booth at the fair; sometimes it's fun to pick on the ones you love. Don't let me down.