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Solve Customer Mysteries With Quantitative And Qualitative Investigation

Brandon Purcell April 25, 2022
Most companies fall short of cracking the mystery of their customers because of a siloed approach to customer understanding. Discover how to break through by uniting quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Navigating The Business Roundtable’s Roadmap For Responsible AI

Brandon Purcell February 3, 2022
Get a detailed analysis of the Business Roundtable's recently published Roadmap for Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Fairness Is In The AI Of The Beholder

Brandon Purcell December 1, 2021
The value of responsible AI is clear. The pathway to it ... not so much. Discover how to operationalize responsible AI.

Facebook Shuts Down Face Recognition System On Its Platform

Merritt Maxim November 4, 2021
Facebook's recently announced its decision to no longer use facial recognition in its platform. What does that mean for the long-term?

Predictions 2022: Customer Insights Pros Must Act Decisively, Or They’ll Get Lost In The Fog

Brandon Purcell November 3, 2021
A subset of bold, creative, and collaborative customer insights pros will be up to the task at hand in the coming year – their jobs is all the more important as they must now react to and anticipate vacillating consumer behavior.

Qualtrics’ $1.125B Acquisition Of Clarabridge Upends The Customer Feedback Management Market

Judy Weader July 30, 2021
Yesterday evening, Qualtrics announced that it’s acquiring Clarabridge in an all-stock deal worth $1.125 billion. This is a great move for Qualtrics. In one swoop, it has secured the best-in-class analytics capabilities that will define the future of voice-of-the-customer programs as firms decrease their reliance on surveys and focus instead on understanding customers based on […]

Careful With That Axe, Sales Team: AI And The Future Of Forecasting

Brandon Purcell March 16, 2021
While traditional, opinion-based forecasting often misses the mark, AI holds great promise for sharpening B2B sales forecasting. Learn how at this year's B2B Summit EMEA.

Explaining Explainable AI

Brandon Purcell December 18, 2020
In 2020, one message in the AI market came through loud and clear: AI’s got some explaining to do! Explainable AI (XAI) has long been a fringe discipline in the broader world of AI and machine learning. It exists because many machine-learning models are either opaque or so convoluted that they defy human understanding. But […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Insights

Brandon Purcell September 21, 2020
What exactly is an "insight"? Analyst Brandon Purcell previews Forrester's new Periodic Table of Insights which will be unveiled at the upcoming Data Strategy & Insights live virtual event.

Who Is Responsible For Responsible AI?

Brandon Purcell August 12, 2020
What are the most common issues resulting from AI? Analyst Brandon Purcell reviews the most recent legal issues stemming from AI and provide guidance on how to address them.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins June 15, 2020
A Flash-Point Week For Facial Recognition Last week, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft came out and made some big announcements on how they intend to halt or ban the use of facial recognition technology for law enforcement. At a time when privacy and civil rights dominate the zeitgeist, these values-based decisions will force much-needed dialogue on the ethics of facial recognition […]

A Flash-Point Week For Facial Recognition

Srividya Sridharan June 11, 2020
Our analysts address the five most pressing questions in the facial recognition debate.

Values, Ethics, And Algorithms, Oh My!

Brandon Purcell May 26, 2020
At CX North America, you'll learn how to interpret and implement ethical AI principles across your organization to protect your customers, business, and brand.

Five AI Principles To Put In Practice

Brandon Purcell April 13, 2020
From tech vendors to governments to industry consortia to the Vatican, it seems that every day a new entity is announcing its set of AI principles — broad guidelines for how AI systems should be responsibly developed, trained, tested, and deployed. On the surface, this is great news, as it demonstrates an awareness of the fact […]

Marketers, You Can Take This Personally: Your Personalization Strategy Isn’t Working

Emily Collins February 6, 2020
Marketers, we have a personalization problem. No, it’s not your vision — most of you aspire to deliver more anticipatory and individualized experiences — it’s your execution. Across industries, marketers struggle to create memorable, or even useful, moments with their customers. For example, only 5% of US consumers say that email offers are well timed […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year For Segmentation

Brandon Purcell December 16, 2019
Well, sort of. It actually depends on what type of segmentation you’re interested in, which of course depends on what you plan to do with your segmentation. (Segmentation is not an end in itself but a possible means to an end.) My new report, “The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times For Segmentation,” […]

Redefine Omnichannel Success To Measure Performance Effectively

Michelle Beeson September 24, 2019
What should our omnichannel scorecard look like? What key metrics should be included? What metrics are we missing? These are some of the questions I often get from retailers. Retail performance dashboards will most certainly include touchpoint-focused, point-in-time metrics such as online conversion rates. These are valuable measures, but conversion rates alone do not give […]

Data Strategy & Insights 2019: The Data And Analytics Leader — Reinvented

Brandon Purcell September 13, 2019


YouTube’s Algorithmic Pedo-Failure

Brandon Purcell June 6, 2019
This week, YouTube turned to Facebook and said, “Hold my beer.” Yesterday, after intense pressure, the platform decided to demonetize channels that promote hate speech and discrimination. And in a terrifying story on Monday, The New York Times reported that YouTube’s recommendation engine surfaces videos of partially clothed children to viewers who’ve watched similar videos […]

AI, Automation, And Robotics . . . Oh My!

Brandon Purcell May 22, 2019
As companies strive to improve customer experience through better customer and employee engagement, they inevitably face the problem of scalability. How can we provide a seamless, convenient, and consistent experience to all our customers? And how can we best equip our employees to do so, as well? The technologies in our recently published “The Forrester […]
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