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Stop Playing “Telephone” With Data And Analytics. Change The Game With The GQMD Framework

Cinny Little April 24, 2018

Too many firms today are playing a data-to-insights game of telephone. In the data analytics version, the insights you deliver fail to drive many actions that improve outcomes.  The insights tumble into a gap between you and your budget-holding stakeholders who drive actions and have accountability for outcomes. The larger your gap, the more competitors […]

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Improve Your Insights Storytelling With Speedthrough Stories

Cinny Little March 22, 2018

Have you ever met an executive by chance in a hallway and they asked you about some data-to-insights work you’ve presented? And you were caught off guard and didn’t explain it well?   We’ve all been there. When we come up short like that, we’re leaving money – and time – on the table. We just […]

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Drive More Impact From Data And Analytics With Insights Storytelling

Cinny Little January 2, 2018

We said this a year ago, but alas, we have to say it again. There’s a big insights-to-actions gap out there.  Firms continue to invest in data, people, and technology, but in 2017, data and analytics pros reported basing fewer business decisions on data (45%) than in 2016 (49%).  If you don’t feel pressured by […]

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Seven Data Preparation Tools For Business Insights Users – Which One Is Best For You?

Cinny Little March 22, 2017

Got data?  But more to the point, got the RIGHT data, and now?  Low-friction and fast access to data are top priorities for data/analytics and marketing professionals in 2017.  Here’s the picture of priorities:  It’s a high or critical priority for 70% of marketing pros to increase their use of data and analytics for marketing […]

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You Need a Customer Insights Center of Excellence – Get Started With What You Have Now

Cinny Little January 26, 2017

There’s a big insights gap out there. Not enough insights are turning into actions that matter, despite continued investment in data, people, and technology.  For example, in 2016, data and analytics pros reported that firms base only 49% of business decisions on quantitative information and analysis as opposed to opinion.  That’s up from 2015, but […]

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Do You Have A Digital Intelligence Strategy That Will Win?

Cinny Little December 13, 2016

Your digital intelligence strategy and implementation is struggling to keep up with your device-hopping customers.  You’re trying.   And it’s difficult – so many obstacles.   But you face the Digital Dilemma, introduced by colleague Nigel Fenwick:  your customers’expectations of digital experience keep rising.  When any digital experience they have with you doesn’t meet their expectations, their […]

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How To Get Resources For Digital Intelligence

Cinny Little November 28, 2016

Congrats.  You, like digital customer insights pros in many firms, continue to advance your ability to provide insights about your customers’ digital behavior.  However, you’re leaving money on the table. Too many digital analytics teams still operate in separate silos aligned with the firm’s channels and org chart, which means that you're not keeping up […]

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Why firms are interested in insights centers of excellence now – and what matters more

Cinny Little September 8, 2016

Over the past few months, following publication of my "Customer Insights Center of Excellence" report , there’s been a significant uptick in questions by insights and analytics teams who want to talk to us about CoEs. That’s a positive sign that firms are feeling the crunch to get more value from their insights functions. What’s […]

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The Customer Insights Center of Excellence: Know Your Options!

Cinny Little June 3, 2016

“Excellence always sells.”  –Earl Nightingale The questions below may sound familiar to you.  I hear them from leaders of business insights teams of all kinds, from quant to qual, digital analytics to database marketing, customer analytics to voice of customer, market research to competitive intelligence, campaigns to customer service, behaviorial to predictive, B2C to B2B, […]

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Your Ticket To Driving More Value From Insights: Be A Master Communicator

Cinny Little May 13, 2016

As a customer insights / analytics / digital measurement pro, do you experience any of these challenges?  And what can you do right now to make progress with them?  I can’t keep up with requests from my stakeholders for analysis and insights.  Does the volume of requests and your team’s capacity seem increasingly out of […]

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No Change, No Gain: Stop Your Siloed Approach to Digital Measurement

Cinny Little April 12, 2016

The number of tools, technologies, and techniques for measuring digital customer experience has exploded, but many firms continue to build out their growing capabilities in separate silos, such as campaign measurement, web analytics, mobile, social listening, voice of customer, online testing.  My colleague James McCormick and I have just published a report that lays out […]

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Before You Reorganize Customer Insights, Press “Pause”

Cinny Little April 6, 2016

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”  – A.A. Milne   There’s good food for thought in that statement.  “Organizing” is a topic that customer insights (CI) professionals and their marketing, digital, and other business partners are asking about. And one frequently […]

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