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Open Banking And PSD2 — The First 100 Days Have Been A Slow, Fragmented Start

Jacob Morgan April 25, 2018

TL;DR: It has been a slow, fragmented start to open banking, but the pace will accelerate. Fintechs are forging ahead with innovation, and a new set of intermediary service providers is growing. Banks need to become outside-in fast to thrive with open banking, building operating model competence for an externally oriented business. Few Banks Place […]

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Drive Digital Culture Into Your Organization’s DNA

Jacob Morgan March 5, 2018

Transformation is hard. If you have the wrong culture, the wrong mindset, it is almost impossible. Cultural alignment is a huge enabler of change — when done well, it greases the skids; when poorly executed, it can stop transformation dead in its tracks. Digitally innovative firms are characterized by embracing technology as a driver of […]

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Predictions 2018: Digital Strategy Reaches The Heartwood Of The Business

Jacob Morgan November 10, 2017

Digital business leaders know that customer obsession is the winning mantra, however meeting the needs of today’s empowered customer requires both laser focus and responsiveness. Experimentation, minimum viable products, and labs are so 2017. In 2018, digital business transformation will be played out at scale — in organization structure, in operating models, and in talk […]

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Open Banking Is Open For Business

Jacob Morgan May 24, 2017

Open banking is rapidly heading to the top of the agenda for retail banks across the globe. BBVA today announced the launch of its open banking business, joining the likes of Nordea, which launched its open banking site in March. In the UK, the Competition and Markets Authority obliged the top nine banks to create […]

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Digital Wallets Are Poised For Growth – But Adoption Will Be Slower Than You Think

Jacob Morgan April 7, 2016

Digital wallets appear to be so compelling – simplifying life for the customer (check), always present (check), location marketing (check), loyalty and rewards (check), multiple payment types (check), digital delivery (check) adoption…hmmm, not so good. So why are consumers not flocking to the promised land of Apple Pay, Android Pay and other digital wallets? Well […]

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